Merkan elites’ ongoing assault these days on key elements of the Magna Carta inspired Noam Chomsky to write an article which illuminated the Charter of the Forest.  Another charter contemporary to it is the Magna Carta, known to most westerners only due to its appearance in their elementary school curricula.  But when we seek the truth, we find that the Charter of the Forest is ultimately more meaningful to the people, because that charter connects the people to the source of life.  Read Wikipedia’s article on the 13th Century English Charter of the Forest, and bear in mind that the modern version is being written by the people themselves, today.

This blog will discuss what is meaningful to the people when we are in touch with our own truth, and how the mainstream propaganda conflicts with that, so that we can better choose to follow our truth, and gain from that the kind of fulfillment that lives forever.

The banner photo is from http://crazmo4sho.deviantart.com/


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