Open Letter to Common Dreams Re: Hawaii’s Local Struggle in the Global Movement for Food Justice


Locally and globally, we do face real structural challenges to building a more fair and sustainable food system. However, possibilities are already present that can begin to move us in the right direction. At a local level in Hawaii, just a few examples include: making state lands available and affordable for real farmers, upholding the public trust doctrine in water law, workers’ cooperatives, research and subsidy support for sustainable regional food systems, food hubs for cooperative processing and distribution, supporting soil and water remediation, state ag parks, food assistance programs, local food procurement policies, waste reduction and recycling programs, stronger labor protections, and regulations that prohibit pollution of the finite resources we depend upon.

Dear Editor,

The author I am quoting above is not conveying the people’s philosophy that underlies the people’s agenda, but instead she cites agenda items as if the people are supposed to already know how those fit the people’s philosophy. You and I both know that liberal media has never articulated the people’s philosophy/vision, so it’s not likely that your publishing such lists of agenda items is intended to advance the people’s agenda, is it?

So how would the liberals expect articles like the above to inspire and motivate the people? I think the liberals expect the people to be inspired to join in implementing the above agenda items without knowledge of the people’s vision, but with faith, hope, trust, that the liberal masters have a vision in their little heads, eh?

But the people are learning that we don’t need the liberal narratives that Common Dreams publishes. Instead, the people are learning that we only need ourselves, and our internal truth, out of which springs the people’s vision, shared among all the people. Out of our vision the above agenda items spring, but in the people’s movement we carefully articulate to each other how this happens. We always ensure a shared understanding of the vision and how our agenda realizes our vision. This is how we achieve and maintain self-rule.

All of the above agenda items spring from the people vision naturally when we acknowledge that the people must control all facets of our society starting with the economy. We control the economy by knowing our true needs, and demanding production that serves only our true needs, thus allocating resources and setting market values that serve only our true needs. Thus we make the jobs available to ourselves that allow us to fulfill our true needs through our roles in supplying the market demands, as well as through our roles in creating the market demands.

We maintain similar control over all other facets of society. Now please allow me to provide you just a small snippet of one of my favorite elements of the people’s philosophy to further whet you appetite for it: The agenda items above, and the whole of the people’s agenda, spring from an approach in which the hypotheses directing the people’s investigations rest on a fundamental foundation of faith, hope, and trust in nature, the source of life, and the human heart, the positive side of human nature. This direction of inquiry leads us into investigative initiatives with great coherence and great results, thus enabling us to build more with less inputs, understand our world with less effort, and join in solidarity to steward the biosphere without elite interference.

Jon the people’s movement yourself and help the people achieve our agenda of self-rule. It’s our only viable option, given the only alternative is submission to elite rule.


The People’s Response To Greenwald’s Report on Humphrey Re: Snowden


The people’s paramount concern is achieving and sustaining self-rule before elites destroy us all in this nuclear-gilded age. We aim not to inflame fears but to face a reality that we know we can/must take control of, very soon.

Greenwald’s report is astounding in that it raises the bar on an unfolding drama that most everyone can understand will impact the balance of power in the people’s struggle against elite oppression. So the people are grateful to Snowden, Greenwald, Assange, and others for spearheading the campaign on the journalistic front. But the people are determined to achieve a long-term sustained change, a transition of permanence, not temporary reform. As such we must highlight what needs to change so that further journalistic efforts can be focused on pushing through permanent change, instead of temporary change.

Temporary change will come out of theses revelations that focus on a handful of superstars, supermen, the exceptionals. Permanent change will come out of revelations that focus on the people, all people, as the stewards of the society. The reason is simple: Because there will not be civilization until the people are in control of the forces that affect them. The people’s philosophy, vision, and agenda are based on this truth and others.

The way for journalists to support the people’s movement with their communications is to acknowledge in those communications that the society needs the people to take over stewardship from the elites. So a journalist can reveal Humphrey’s view, for example, with the proper caveats. For example: “Humphrey’s view basically echoes Snowden’s view BUT most importantly, it echoes the people’s view as the views of individuals can only support the people’s agenda if the weight of their view is roughly equal to the weight of everyone else’s view.”

Civilization can only be sustained via universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice. Contributions are properly acknowledged when the intent is in proper support of the collective.

We Need Everyone To Participate

We in the people’s movement are trying very hard to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. Would you like to join us? We will illustrate why we need everyone to join us by quickly analyzing a Nation article posted today at Common Dreams. All the people of the world need each other. We need to share a strong solidarity to break free and stay free from elite rule, the prime cause of all societal problems. Our goal is to achieve self-rule and enjoy the great promise of self-rule, which include freedom from war, fear, hatred, oppression, confusion, racism, classism, slavery, patriarchy, destructive mythologies and traditions and all the destructive fallout of rule by sociopaths. Under the term “war” we include militarism, imperialism, environmental destruction, and all the destructive manifestations of conflict and competition. The people can easily achieve our emancipation from these horrors. The key is each and every one of us learning to reject elite influence and learning instead to follow our own hearts and internal truth. In the process we will discover that we all really do share the most important things in common.

Now on to the Nation article at hand, “White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman” by Aura Bogado. Ms. Bogado is following a script laid out by the liberal elites controlling liberal media. Liberals and conservatives in Merka are actors following scripts to perform theatrics to keep the people distracted from the horrors of their reality of elite rule. The author never conveys the objective truths about the case, but rather seeks to inflame prejudices taught in the liberal ideology school. Conservatives will perform their version of the formula to support their ideology, all toward delusionary ends for the foot-soldiers, but supporting elite rule in reality. The people’s agenda includes emancipating ourselves from this as we take away stewardship of the society from the sociopaths. Media performs three functions: Reporting news, providing commentary, and providing entertainment. In performing all three functions, content producers convey ideology, liberal ideology emphasizing power concentrated in the state, and conservative ideology emphasizing power concentrated in corporations, both groups sharing the same fundamental agenda, to maintain the people’s enslavement to elite rule.

So this is why Ms. Bogado’s article omits info on the George Zimmerman trial relevant to the people’s truth and the people’s task. She is following a formula decreed by Nation editors and their wider peer group, who follow their own formula, all designed to keep the people confused, divided, and conquered, in service to elites. In turn the elites allow their foot-soldiers to share in the imperial plunder-spoils. Notice that in both cases of liberals and conservatives the foot-soldiers may sincerely and passionately believe their chosen ideology best serves the people. They may even argue that it evolved to prevail by a natural selection of doctrines based on theory that modern civilization requires elite rule. While that could be true, it isn’t the whole truth. Part of the promise of the people’s self-rule is access to a much wider truth. So the truth missing from elite ideologies is that “modern civilization” is absolutely unacceptable to the people. The people’s vision promises freedom from war and all the rest as stated above. So one of the people’s first tasks in switching from elite ideologies to the people’s own ideology is recognizing the negative side of elite rule and recognizing that the people’s self-rule eliminates the negative.

How? In a nutshell, our reality is constructed from our values. When we value an organic apple over a pesticided apple, we manifest the availability of organic apples and viable livings for organic farmers, as opposed to manifesting the pesticided version. The apple is a metaphor for ALL THINGS. When we decide to value the people’s self-rule, the people’s self-rule manifests and displaces elite rule. When we decide that making our own choices is better than allowing elites to make our choices for us, our self-determination manifests. We begin to teach our values in the school curriculum, and in all the media channels, in the journalist’s frames. Our changed values become part of our culture and our traditions, our institutions, systems, our reality. When one is lost, all is lost. This is why we need everyone to participate.

Let The Journalist Take Responsibility
‘Ironically, as the Guardian points out, Microsoft’s latest marketing campaign states: “Your privacy is our priority.”‘

Now we are going to explain why the journalist inserting the word “Ironically” into the above quote, instead of using the word “criminally”, itself constitutes a greater crime than that of the corporation. We all know that corporations have no obligation to anyone except to shareholders. Which is a bogus charter so analyzing the behavior of corporations before we re-charter them is putting the cart before the horse. Another thing is journalists reporting crimes today doesn’t motivate the public to do anything. We conclude that the journalist’s role in society has to change to become something very specific that it is not today. The journalist cannot continue to play the role that the journalist plays today. The journalist must serve to guide the people’s values in the direction that the people prefer. One might ask why the people cannot guide themselves. Very simply, because elites stoned the people on petro-opiates. The society that is most successfully stoned consumes resources at a rate four times the world average per capita. The people in that society are known to be least able to guide themselves among all people on the planet. Very simply, they have become dependent on elites to guide them, a dangerous scenario. And so the journalist helping to perpetuate this status quo constitutes a crime. Now the journalist is in a key position to help guide the people while the people are re-learning to guide themselves. The journalist is thus in a position of responsibility. This is not to say that journalists shoulder all the responsibility. But at the point that we designate the journalist as responsible, the journalist’s responsible reaction is to accept responsibility, and then maybe point out who else may also be responsible. But for anyone to deny responsibility at this point is simply unacceptable to the people. Others who the journalist may pass on responsibility to includes academics who wield control over the school curriculum. Let the journalist work to help re-organize the societal structures as the people take stewardship of the society away from the sociopath elites, and learn to steward the society ourselves.

The People’s Movement is Serious

The people’s movement is by far the most serious movement available to the people today, in terms of truly focusing on the people’s interests, and the people’s potential. The blog title describes the goal of the people’s movement: Universal solidarity, enlightenment, equity, and justice. But now I will illustrate why this movement is the most serious movement available, with my own personal experience. The rock band Triumph has an album/song titled “Just A Game” describing what western society provides to citizens as avenues for personal fulfillment. “King of the hill” could be the name of the most general version of that game. I personally refused to play that game. Consequently, I failed to gain recognition from my peers for my achievements. One may notice resentment in my writings, and I have certainly felt resentment over this.

Now, as I’ve said often, transparency in personal motives matters. I’ve recognized that my personal motive for requiring peer recognition is for collective, not personal, benefit. And I suspect that you may relate strongly, because I know we all share genes that evolved by predominantly collective forces, via the tribe, or village, i.e. communities of 150 members or fewer. But I also suspect that you cannot relate strongly at the present time because almost all of us are slaves to the game decreed by western elites and will struggle to relate to any quest for collective benefit.

But if the society were stewarded by the people instead of by the elites, there would not be war. The differences between northerners and southerners in 19th century USA would have been resolved, as would the divisions between these groups that have prevailed since, so that the civil war and many other traumas since could have been avoided. And via the people’s movement, many more traumas beyond those may be avoided. We avoid traumas by first learning to redirect any trust we have for authority instead toward ourselves and learn to trust our internal wellsprings of wisdom.

This may require that we alienate ourselves from people we are close to. But this is ok. They will learn to accept us after an initial adjustment. They will have to adjust to the fact that some or many of their own life choices have been rejected by people around them. But this is ok. Their misguidance was a deliberate ploy by elites to enslave them. You weren’t involved in that ploy. Do not feel guilty. Guilt is merely another “gift of oppression” bestowed by elites to further trick/trap us into slavery.

Are you beginning to see the light?

As we all learn to gain control over negative feelings, let’s learn to channel our energy into building collective wellbeing and to demand recognition for our agendas of collective wellbeing. Demand recognition not only from those considered extreme right in their politics, but most especially from those who claim the left (you know who you are). Let us all work together to build a society that gives back what we put into it, and gives back to all equally. This is the people’s movement. It has to be the most serious movement available to the people today because no other movement directly addresses human nature in the design/implementation of societal structures toward maximum wellbeing for all.

The Positive Intrigue

They’re gonna say, I’ve ‘aided our enemies’

Many people will be temporarily intrigued, even enthralled, over Edward Snowden’s revelations of massive NSA spying, merely for the entertainment value, not because of an intrinsic tendency toward entertainment addiction but due to a massive, intensive campaign by elites to addict Merkans to entertainment perpetrated over many decades.

Many will claim that entertainment is not the whole thing, but entertainment nevertheless explains part of their intrigue. For some professionals, including journalists, analysts and policy-makers, the revelations are a new exciting opportunity to command public attention. Various motivations lead people to follow such a story and we point out motivations and agendas because knowledge of those is fundamental to the people as we progress with the people’s movement, to advance our agenda to achieve self-rule. To know thyself, and to know others, is crucial to the people’s self-rule. Some things are common sense.

And plenty more will be intrigued over Snowden’s revelations out of a sense of compassion for the multitudes of the empire’s victims, and out of a desire to achieve the people’s self-rule to finally purge elite rule from the face of the earth. As the people turn our focus to this goal we wonder who are these enemies of Merkan elites that Snowden references in the quote above? Of course they are those who threaten elite rule. Now we have a whole table full of motivations, intrigue, and agendas to discuss.

Many Merkans are intrigued by the Snowden revelations because Snowden himself is a puzzle. He chose to serve elites for a number of years, and then he reversed course radically. But this intrigue is never spoken because we are trained to censor discussion of our motivations/agendas. Secrets. Private property. Intrigue. Further intrigue is inspired by knowledge that Snowden is only one of many who serve elites, authoritarian priests. And yet these elite servants exhibit compassion, treat people nicely, and do good in their off-hours. Like the role models Hollywood provides us. Life in Merka is quite civil by most accounts, especially for privileged white males with a resource consumption rate of four times the world average per capita. So the good should make us forget all about the bad.

As part of the people’s movement, the people carefully consider these questions and we arrive at an interesting conclusion: The process by which Snowden himself is operating, and that by which his adversaries are operating, is a process that is proven to sustain elite rule. As Ellsberg failed to bring down the empire, so will Snowden fail to bring down the empire. Nobody is more sure of this than the elites themselves.

So the people decided to devise the people’s movement. We devised the movement before Snowden decided to leak another ocean of proof that the elites are monstrously sociopathic. The people’s movement is based on the people’s awareness of human nature, that the human ego runs amok in tiers of socio-economic hierarchies, and that caging the ego brings down those hierarchies, which opens the way for the rule of the human heart, the people’s self-rule.

Snowden is a valuable catalyst, but only in a world slaving under elite rule. As the people achieve our agenda, and achieve self-rule, the intrigue in the Snowden saga gives way to intrigue at the beauty of nature, the beautiful interactions of nature’s community of people, animals and all of life. And intrigue at the beauty of the planets, stars and galaxies. And the truth, the reality, our legacy. Trust, solidarity, cooperation. Self-determination, dignity. And natural abundance. The positive intrigue. This is the motivation, the agenda, and the promise of the people’s movement.

The Journalist And The People’s Movement

While Glenn Greenwald does an amazing job as a journalist uncovering the elites’ organized crime, that journalistic feat is rendered virtually useless, until Greenwald puts his support behind the people’s movement. How is it rendered useless? The elites have learned how to “manage” Merkans in a way that virtually guarantees we will behave like “Good Germans” as Merka descends further and further into fascism. And the elites’ target is to render the population of the whole planet as “Good Germans”, or in other words, good slaves. If Greenwald remains apolitical, the energy released in the population by his journalistic disclosures will be harnessed by some political force. Lacking Greenwald’s direction, the people’s energy released by Greenwald’s revelations will likely be absorbed, dispersed, and rendered benign by the same old liberal apparatus (media/curricula/culture) through which elites have wielded control over Merkans for decades.

Obviously the people need an alternative to the status quo, the elite philosophy/vision/agenda. And so the people have developed the people’s philosophy, the people’s vision, and the people’s agenda. This is the people’s movement. Greenwald has to publicly put his support behind the people’s movement. Why? Because there is an absolute cause, the people’s cause, and competition among the people only defeats the cause. The only way the people can rise above elite rule is to establish the people’s self-rule, and the people can only achieve the people’s self-rule is by uniting as one.

Does this mean democracy is doomed? No. It only means that democracy can no longer trump an absolute ethic, but rather must submit to an absolute ethic, so that democratic means are used to resolve only those differences that will not threaten the people’s self-rule. The people’s self-rule is totalitarian in that it banishes elite rule but that is all it banishes. The people’s philosophy recognizes that there must be suppression of elite rule to maximize planetary wellbeing.

Designating elite rule as the singular evil that must be suppressed in public policy is a choice that many will consider subject to debate, open to challenge. But the people’s observance of our historic oppression by elites, and the various half-measures that did not work for us, lead the people to make a clean break, rise to a new challenge, and unite behind on one philosophy, one vision, one agenda, to achieve maximum universal wellbeing. Our awareness is key. The people’s agenda requires the people’s awareness, so that the people can sculpt the public policy to maintain the highest degree of universal wellbeing that is possible.

As we can see from the current events in Egypt, successions of elites jockeying to claim authority doesn’t work for the people. So the people are now assuming control ourselves. The people are turning away from “dear leader” and are taking our own personal selves to the height in which we can stand together in cooperation, to steward the society as only we can. When the people use the term “organized” we don’t talk about people being organized. We talk about the people’s ideas being organized. When the people use the term “hierarchy” we don’t talk about hierarchies of people. We talk about a hierarchy of ideas and priorities. The people articulate a hierarchy of ideas/goals/issues in the people’s vision, the top being elite rule versus the people’s self-rule. All other issues go under that.

There are details to articulate. For example, the people’s self-rule requires the people’s control of both production and public policy. The people’s philosophy, vision, and agenda are under development, but the basics will not change. The people’s philosophy, vision, and agenda will gradually take center stage over the next few months, and years, as the people move toward self-rule. This is the people’s movement.