Skype Phones for Corporations?

Skype is just a commercial software application that relies on the SIP protocol for voice communications using computers and the internet.  There are non-commercial software applications that do the same thing, and it’s all free, with an internet connection.  So why do corprations not allow the public to contact them via SIP on a computer?  Our phone bills could eventually go away, reducing the cost of living for all.  It’s yet another example of corporations doing the wrong thing, against common sense, against the people’s interests.  When we think of yet another example, we increase the size of the mountain of corporate wrongdoing, so it eventually shadows the activities of those still trying to ignore reality.  We’re going to have a society based on common sense, is the general message we want to send to each other.  We see that when we “keep our eye on the ball” of common sense, then no matter which corrupt institution elites try to build in place of the fallen corporation, it will still meet with our rejection.  Our faith, hope, and trust, will remain in ourselves, in our common sense, always.


Actions of the G8 Are NOT News

Today the self-proclaimed leftist media channel Common Dreams reported that the G8 ousted Russia as punishment for stealing Crimea from Ukraine. Is it responsible journalism for Common Dreams to do this? We will determine that this is very irresponsible journalism, and that, as a result, the leftist claim is bogus, and highly dangerous to the people.

Obviously an institution claiming to serve the people must directly serve the people instead of claiming to as a pretext to serve elites. An institution such as that media channel has influence, everyone understands, thus it also has responsibilities, everyone agrees.

If Common Dreams selects events for its headlines and reports those events in ways that elevate elite priorities over the people’s priorities, that is a crime against the people, everyone understands.

It is a crime against the people because it hides from the people our very own priorities, and this effectively enslaves the people to elites. We become enslaved to elites whos priorities receive most media attention and thereby receive most public support.

They don’t receive all attention and support. Some of us focus on, and work on, local issues despite the media’s failure to tie those into the grand scheme of things. But as this minority work on local issues, the influence of the media affects our work. The media reporting only elite initiatives affects how we view things thereby affecting our choices in working local issues. If local issues worldwide were the focus of the media headlines, the influence of elites upon the people would wane, as it should. Governments would then be employed to serve the people rather than serve elites.

A cascade effect would then proceed as the majority of people, currently caught up in direct service (enslavement) to elites, would move back into public service at the local level, to greatly expand the productivity and effectiveness of the local public sector which is already the most effective institution on the planet.

The people understand these things. The people are pushing the media to change its agenda. The media’s agenda will become one and the same as the people’s agenda. The people’s agenda is maximum universal wellbeing. So elite influence must wane, completely, finally.

Children of the Earth, Come to Know Better Your Mother

I promise you that it is good for you to feel reverence for mother nature. Now go out and build your civic institutions to most strongly support your relationship with your mother. Teach your children via school curricula that knowing their mother will serve them best in their lives, and if the civic institutions lose the connection with the source of life, it is the people’s duty to restore that connection.

The People’s Personal Processes Toward Reaching The People’s Nirvana

For the people to share the info needed to achieve independent self-rule, the processes of sending/receiving the messages have to feel good. So I need to feel good writing this. And more importantly, one has to feel good receiving info about social conflict. So one of our key agenda items is learning how to feel good with these processes. Now let’s discuss a basic idea. Hollywood and Madison Av. are places where many untold hours and calories have been spent creating formulas that appeal to our senses, to achieve some commercial end. Various other enterprises across history were similarly dedicated to creating those formulas for reliably drawing the people’s attention for various ends, to concentrate power, to control societies and people. But given the people’s agenda, we ask what if all those resources were spent instead creating formulas to draw our attention to disperse the power to the people, to achieve the people’s agenda of self-rule? Such an enterprise is direct in objective rather than perverse in objective (better terminology here would be highly valuable – any ideas?)

To ask how I can better focus my personal energy, or direct my curiosity, to better build the people’s movement is to ask how anyone can do the same, and the people’s agenda crucially includes developing this skill. I notice that I am curious to understand how my motivations work to more or less effectively sculpt/refine my personal program to help achieve the people’s agenda of independent self-rule. I know that the more I learn and apply the more experience can be applied to everyone’s program to help banish elite rule and achieve the people’s self-rule.

Societal systems are built by people. Systems are built with a small number of elites providing most of the guidance and most of the people contributing without a clear picture of how it all works. The people’s movement changes this by developing a clear simple model of how systems work, so the people can feel comfortable thinking about it, but not being required to think about it full time. Rather, our public discourse portrays the model, and its manifestations in various societies including the here/now society, in a simple and clear enough way for the people to continue feeling good enough to think/act to help to effectively manage the system.

We all do stuff out of habit. We need to rely on subconscious habit to streamline our personal tasks, to save energy. The people’s movement identifies the challenge as simply to take control of our personal habits away from others and only allow ourselves to habituate what we know to serve our personal, and collective, better interests. This sounds hard but it’s actually easy as we habituate the process itself. Exciting times for the people. Independent self-rule. Universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice. Our vision and path are clear.

Re: Blowing the Whistle on the ‘Charitable-Industrial Complex’


The dissonance that Peter Buffett felt in running his father’s philanthropic racket is not an isolated phenomenon. The dissonance, incoherence, confusion and conflict that that boy crashed into when he came of age and learned how the world really works is a great burden borne by a huge percent of the entire population in capitalist societies, and in social hierarchies of every possible mutation. The fundamental injustice of social hierarchy has to be camouflaged behind delusions because human nature is outfitted with a conscience, a heart, compassion, a cooperative, altruistic spirit that make the human experience far greater than experiences of life without conscience. The people’s philosophy recognizes and requires that the human conscience MUST be fully satisfied, which means, sorry, but the elite-driven delusions, and the agenda behind them, shall be shattered. And so the elite agenda is on the people’s chopping block today.

Elites are distinguished from the mainstream by hyper-active egos driving their every thought and action. The elites’ egos were starved by their deprivation of attention in their early years and so they spend their lives as sociopaths hoarding everything they can get their greedy little claws on, and in the process sowing dissonance, incoherence and confusion to trap the people into slavery to elite rule. But the people’s philosophy recognizes this illness and the people are working to ensure that all of us will get the attention we need in our early years. Thus we will be able to direct our energy through our hearts instead of through our egos in our adult lives. So we need not flounder in hopelessly tangled confusion and compromise but can achieve almost complete separation of right and wrong. So we will not be enslaved by sociopaths, but will achieve self-rule, and maximum universal wellbeing. The people are assuming stewardship of the societies, globally. Exciting times for the people.

The People’s Philosophy

I’m feeling great about my personal power and in a minute you’ll feel great about your personal power too and soon after you will feel great about helping achieve the people’s nirvana in you lifetime or shortly thereafter. We are products of our environment. If we grow up enjoying an environment of cooperation and enduring happiness we will strongly tend to favor that environment our entire lives. If we grow up enjoying an environment of competition, fleeting happiness, and myriad tangled webs of ethical contradictions we will strongly tend to favor that too our entire lives with that developmental programming contributing strongly to the contradictions, confusion, and frustration of such a life.

The people’s agenda includes setting the best environment for the children’s development, an idea that is not controversial because “the best” is open to interpretation as decreed by the prevailing philosophy in modern Merka. But when the people define “the best” according to the people’s philosophy/vision, those programmed in an environment of competition will shriek controversy. The elites have two competing versions of reality. Their conservative version says the best environment is that of competition. Their liberal version says the best environment is either competition or cooperation depending on your personal preference.

But the people’s version of reality says we must live in an environment of cooperation to achieve maximum universal wellbeing. The people’s philosophy also says the inherent disposition of women to preserve things is superior to the inherent disposition of men to build things. The conservative gropes for ways to convince us that men are superior, while the liberal gropes for ways to convince us that no one is better than anyone else. Never mind that the elite has his boot on both their necks, eh? The people end the controversy by decreeing that the woman’s tendency to preserve and nurture is superior to the man’s tendency to build, because we want to build fewer things and have the things we build last longer. So you see our common sense at work. Just compare Europe’s castles with Merka’s throw-away houses, and the lying/confusing agenda behind throw-away production, and ask the liberals and conservatives to rationalize that. This is the point where they will dodge the question and ask you to meet them at the plunder-fest for empire-cookies.

This comparison of the female tendency to preserve and the male tendency to build illustrates the people’s routine of soberly look at the facts and shaping our reality accordingly, i.e. coordinating our values/policies to line up with the facts on the ground. The people must decree that the liberals’ tolerance for “anything goes”, including elite rule, is intolerable to the people because, very simply, it leaves intact elite oppression of the people. Liberals will claim that the people’s agenda means the people’s oppression of elites.

And the people say this is good. But how can one form of oppression be better than another? Simply because of the huge difference in the number of people oppressed. And also because the human ego cannot understand reason, so the heart can never achieve parity with the ego by reason alone. The people understand that the fundamental social conflict is between the human ego and the human heart. All other social conflicts either derive directly from this or are greatly inflamed by the reign of the ego in modern societies. Elites are primarily driven by the ego, while the people are primarily driven by the heart. The heart is compassionate/cooperative, while the ego is greedy/competitive.

The people’s nirvana is based on the simple choice to build societal structures that only support the heart and withhold support for the ego. So the people will never deploy civic institutions and public messages to control people’s ideas/activities, but will deploy the institutions to stop ego-driven ideas/activities from affecting the people through public channels. And we will deploy institutions to support the people in building cooperative environments for the children to cherish, support, and enjoy their whole lives.

The ego will be oppressed but only because the ego cannot contribute positively to the people’s wellbeing. The people’s nirvana is universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice. And we will reach it, soon enough. Now I think you will feel great about your personal power to join the people’s movement and help advance our philosophy, vision, and agenda, to achieve our nirvana. There is no better choice, right?

Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald Re: Additional Arguments Against The Elites’ Massive Spying Racket

Mr. Greenwald,

I have an addition to your recent arguments against the elite establishment’s mass spying racket. It is not only I but all of the people’s movement that brings you this addition. It is widely understood among the people that the elite agenda is to enslave the people to build empires for elites to indulge their sociopathic egos. Thus it is easy for the people to see the connection between the elites’ mass spying racket and the elites’ massive racket to hook the people on TeeVee. Not only those rackets, but dozens of other programs of command/control over the people are similarly connected together in the whole of the elite enterprise.

Hooking the people on TeeVee seems rather arbitrary as a conscious goal. But most of modern elites’ mechanisms of oppression are packaged as benefits for the people carrying the hidden baggage of massive zero-sum benefits for elites. These mechanisms are not carefully designed at all but are rather dull, blunt instruments of oppression.

The TeeVee and all telecomm devices are seen as tools by various groups to serve their specific agendas. The people see all tools as means to achieve the people’s agenda which is limited to what best supports the people’s better interests, including universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice. So the TeeVee becomes a source of inspiring information by/for the people. The people limit our usage of tools to specifically exclude what erodes, obscures, dilutes, or destroys our better interests. Thus TeeVee and all tools should be limited to those uses which advance the people’s agenda as such.

The elites see all tools as means to achieve their agenda of enslaving the people to elite rule. Thus, under elite rule, TeeVee supplants/destroys healthy social interactions among the people, and supplies massive doses of propaganda influence enslaving the people to material consumption, and thereby to elite rule. Massive delusions must prevail among media production slaves. This is among numerous tangled and twisted wreckages of the people’s magnificent potential that prevails under elite rule.

The purpose of this message is to help the people tie all of the elite initiatives together into one rotten lump, and tie all of the people’s initiatives into one beautiful holistic sphere of good. This makes it far easier for we the people to understand our world, and embrace our mandate to effectively steward our societies and achieve/sustain our self-rule. Jon the people’s movement, everyone. Thank you for reading.

Robert Drury
Casa Grande, Arizona