Skype Phones for Corporations?

Skype is just a commercial software application that relies on the SIP protocol for voice communications using computers and the internet.  There are non-commercial software applications that do the same thing, and it’s all free, with an internet connection.  So why do corprations not allow the public to contact them via SIP on a computer?  Our phone bills could eventually go away, reducing the cost of living for all.  It’s yet another example of corporations doing the wrong thing, against common sense, against the people’s interests.  When we think of yet another example, we increase the size of the mountain of corporate wrongdoing, so it eventually shadows the activities of those still trying to ignore reality.  We’re going to have a society based on common sense, is the general message we want to send to each other.  We see that when we “keep our eye on the ball” of common sense, then no matter which corrupt institution elites try to build in place of the fallen corporation, it will still meet with our rejection.  Our faith, hope, and trust, will remain in ourselves, in our common sense, always.


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