Actions of the G8 Are NOT News

Today the self-proclaimed leftist media channel Common Dreams reported that the G8 ousted Russia as punishment for stealing Crimea from Ukraine. Is it responsible journalism for Common Dreams to do this? We will determine that this is very irresponsible journalism, and that, as a result, the leftist claim is bogus, and highly dangerous to the people.

Obviously an institution claiming to serve the people must directly serve the people instead of claiming to as a pretext to serve elites. An institution such as that media channel has influence, everyone understands, thus it also has responsibilities, everyone agrees.

If Common Dreams selects events for its headlines and reports those events in ways that elevate elite priorities over the people’s priorities, that is a crime against the people, everyone understands.

It is a crime against the people because it hides from the people our very own priorities, and this effectively enslaves the people to elites. We become enslaved to elites whos priorities receive most media attention and thereby receive most public support.

They don’t receive all attention and support. Some of us focus on, and work on, local issues despite the media’s failure to tie those into the grand scheme of things. But as this minority work on local issues, the influence of the media affects our work. The media reporting only elite initiatives affects how we view things thereby affecting our choices in working local issues. If local issues worldwide were the focus of the media headlines, the influence of elites upon the people would wane, as it should. Governments would then be employed to serve the people rather than serve elites.

A cascade effect would then proceed as the majority of people, currently caught up in direct service (enslavement) to elites, would move back into public service at the local level, to greatly expand the productivity and effectiveness of the local public sector which is already the most effective institution on the planet.

The people understand these things. The people are pushing the media to change its agenda. The media’s agenda will become one and the same as the people’s agenda. The people’s agenda is maximum universal wellbeing. So elite influence must wane, completely, finally.


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