The People’s Personal Processes Toward Reaching The People’s Nirvana

For the people to share the info needed to achieve independent self-rule, the processes of sending/receiving the messages have to feel good. So I need to feel good writing this. And more importantly, one has to feel good receiving info about social conflict. So one of our key agenda items is learning how to feel good with these processes. Now let’s discuss a basic idea. Hollywood and Madison Av. are places where many untold hours and calories have been spent creating formulas that appeal to our senses, to achieve some commercial end. Various other enterprises across history were similarly dedicated to creating those formulas for reliably drawing the people’s attention for various ends, to concentrate power, to control societies and people. But given the people’s agenda, we ask what if all those resources were spent instead creating formulas to draw our attention to disperse the power to the people, to achieve the people’s agenda of self-rule? Such an enterprise is direct in objective rather than perverse in objective (better terminology here would be highly valuable – any ideas?)

To ask how I can better focus my personal energy, or direct my curiosity, to better build the people’s movement is to ask how anyone can do the same, and the people’s agenda crucially includes developing this skill. I notice that I am curious to understand how my motivations work to more or less effectively sculpt/refine my personal program to help achieve the people’s agenda of independent self-rule. I know that the more I learn and apply the more experience can be applied to everyone’s program to help banish elite rule and achieve the people’s self-rule.

Societal systems are built by people. Systems are built with a small number of elites providing most of the guidance and most of the people contributing without a clear picture of how it all works. The people’s movement changes this by developing a clear simple model of how systems work, so the people can feel comfortable thinking about it, but not being required to think about it full time. Rather, our public discourse portrays the model, and its manifestations in various societies including the here/now society, in a simple and clear enough way for the people to continue feeling good enough to think/act to help to effectively manage the system.

We all do stuff out of habit. We need to rely on subconscious habit to streamline our personal tasks, to save energy. The people’s movement identifies the challenge as simply to take control of our personal habits away from others and only allow ourselves to habituate what we know to serve our personal, and collective, better interests. This sounds hard but it’s actually easy as we habituate the process itself. Exciting times for the people. Independent self-rule. Universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice. Our vision and path are clear.


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