The People’s Philosophy

I’m feeling great about my personal power and in a minute you’ll feel great about your personal power too and soon after you will feel great about helping achieve the people’s nirvana in you lifetime or shortly thereafter. We are products of our environment. If we grow up enjoying an environment of cooperation and enduring happiness we will strongly tend to favor that environment our entire lives. If we grow up enjoying an environment of competition, fleeting happiness, and myriad tangled webs of ethical contradictions we will strongly tend to favor that too our entire lives with that developmental programming contributing strongly to the contradictions, confusion, and frustration of such a life.

The people’s agenda includes setting the best environment for the children’s development, an idea that is not controversial because “the best” is open to interpretation as decreed by the prevailing philosophy in modern Merka. But when the people define “the best” according to the people’s philosophy/vision, those programmed in an environment of competition will shriek controversy. The elites have two competing versions of reality. Their conservative version says the best environment is that of competition. Their liberal version says the best environment is either competition or cooperation depending on your personal preference.

But the people’s version of reality says we must live in an environment of cooperation to achieve maximum universal wellbeing. The people’s philosophy also says the inherent disposition of women to preserve things is superior to the inherent disposition of men to build things. The conservative gropes for ways to convince us that men are superior, while the liberal gropes for ways to convince us that no one is better than anyone else. Never mind that the elite has his boot on both their necks, eh? The people end the controversy by decreeing that the woman’s tendency to preserve and nurture is superior to the man’s tendency to build, because we want to build fewer things and have the things we build last longer. So you see our common sense at work. Just compare Europe’s castles with Merka’s throw-away houses, and the lying/confusing agenda behind throw-away production, and ask the liberals and conservatives to rationalize that. This is the point where they will dodge the question and ask you to meet them at the plunder-fest for empire-cookies.

This comparison of the female tendency to preserve and the male tendency to build illustrates the people’s routine of soberly look at the facts and shaping our reality accordingly, i.e. coordinating our values/policies to line up with the facts on the ground. The people must decree that the liberals’ tolerance for “anything goes”, including elite rule, is intolerable to the people because, very simply, it leaves intact elite oppression of the people. Liberals will claim that the people’s agenda means the people’s oppression of elites.

And the people say this is good. But how can one form of oppression be better than another? Simply because of the huge difference in the number of people oppressed. And also because the human ego cannot understand reason, so the heart can never achieve parity with the ego by reason alone. The people understand that the fundamental social conflict is between the human ego and the human heart. All other social conflicts either derive directly from this or are greatly inflamed by the reign of the ego in modern societies. Elites are primarily driven by the ego, while the people are primarily driven by the heart. The heart is compassionate/cooperative, while the ego is greedy/competitive.

The people’s nirvana is based on the simple choice to build societal structures that only support the heart and withhold support for the ego. So the people will never deploy civic institutions and public messages to control people’s ideas/activities, but will deploy the institutions to stop ego-driven ideas/activities from affecting the people through public channels. And we will deploy institutions to support the people in building cooperative environments for the children to cherish, support, and enjoy their whole lives.

The ego will be oppressed but only because the ego cannot contribute positively to the people’s wellbeing. The people’s nirvana is universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice. And we will reach it, soon enough. Now I think you will feel great about your personal power to join the people’s movement and help advance our philosophy, vision, and agenda, to achieve our nirvana. There is no better choice, right?


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