Re: Blowing the Whistle on the ‘Charitable-Industrial Complex’


The dissonance that Peter Buffett felt in running his father’s philanthropic racket is not an isolated phenomenon. The dissonance, incoherence, confusion and conflict that that boy crashed into when he came of age and learned how the world really works is a great burden borne by a huge percent of the entire population in capitalist societies, and in social hierarchies of every possible mutation. The fundamental injustice of social hierarchy has to be camouflaged behind delusions because human nature is outfitted with a conscience, a heart, compassion, a cooperative, altruistic spirit that make the human experience far greater than experiences of life without conscience. The people’s philosophy recognizes and requires that the human conscience MUST be fully satisfied, which means, sorry, but the elite-driven delusions, and the agenda behind them, shall be shattered. And so the elite agenda is on the people’s chopping block today.

Elites are distinguished from the mainstream by hyper-active egos driving their every thought and action. The elites’ egos were starved by their deprivation of attention in their early years and so they spend their lives as sociopaths hoarding everything they can get their greedy little claws on, and in the process sowing dissonance, incoherence and confusion to trap the people into slavery to elite rule. But the people’s philosophy recognizes this illness and the people are working to ensure that all of us will get the attention we need in our early years. Thus we will be able to direct our energy through our hearts instead of through our egos in our adult lives. So we need not flounder in hopelessly tangled confusion and compromise but can achieve almost complete separation of right and wrong. So we will not be enslaved by sociopaths, but will achieve self-rule, and maximum universal wellbeing. The people are assuming stewardship of the societies, globally. Exciting times for the people.


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