Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald Re: Additional Arguments Against The Elites’ Massive Spying Racket

Mr. Greenwald,

I have an addition to your recent arguments against the elite establishment’s mass spying racket. It is not only I but all of the people’s movement that brings you this addition. It is widely understood among the people that the elite agenda is to enslave the people to build empires for elites to indulge their sociopathic egos. Thus it is easy for the people to see the connection between the elites’ mass spying racket and the elites’ massive racket to hook the people on TeeVee. Not only those rackets, but dozens of other programs of command/control over the people are similarly connected together in the whole of the elite enterprise.

Hooking the people on TeeVee seems rather arbitrary as a conscious goal. But most of modern elites’ mechanisms of oppression are packaged as benefits for the people carrying the hidden baggage of massive zero-sum benefits for elites. These mechanisms are not carefully designed at all but are rather dull, blunt instruments of oppression.

The TeeVee and all telecomm devices are seen as tools by various groups to serve their specific agendas. The people see all tools as means to achieve the people’s agenda which is limited to what best supports the people’s better interests, including universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice. So the TeeVee becomes a source of inspiring information by/for the people. The people limit our usage of tools to specifically exclude what erodes, obscures, dilutes, or destroys our better interests. Thus TeeVee and all tools should be limited to those uses which advance the people’s agenda as such.

The elites see all tools as means to achieve their agenda of enslaving the people to elite rule. Thus, under elite rule, TeeVee supplants/destroys healthy social interactions among the people, and supplies massive doses of propaganda influence enslaving the people to material consumption, and thereby to elite rule. Massive delusions must prevail among media production slaves. This is among numerous tangled and twisted wreckages of the people’s magnificent potential that prevails under elite rule.

The purpose of this message is to help the people tie all of the elite initiatives together into one rotten lump, and tie all of the people’s initiatives into one beautiful holistic sphere of good. This makes it far easier for we the people to understand our world, and embrace our mandate to effectively steward our societies and achieve/sustain our self-rule. Jon the people’s movement, everyone. Thank you for reading.

Robert Drury
Casa Grande, Arizona


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