Open Letter to Common Dreams Re: Hawaii’s Local Struggle in the Global Movement for Food Justice


Locally and globally, we do face real structural challenges to building a more fair and sustainable food system. However, possibilities are already present that can begin to move us in the right direction. At a local level in Hawaii, just a few examples include: making state lands available and affordable for real farmers, upholding the public trust doctrine in water law, workers’ cooperatives, research and subsidy support for sustainable regional food systems, food hubs for cooperative processing and distribution, supporting soil and water remediation, state ag parks, food assistance programs, local food procurement policies, waste reduction and recycling programs, stronger labor protections, and regulations that prohibit pollution of the finite resources we depend upon.

Dear Editor,

The author I am quoting above is not conveying the people’s philosophy that underlies the people’s agenda, but instead she cites agenda items as if the people are supposed to already know how those fit the people’s philosophy. You and I both know that liberal media has never articulated the people’s philosophy/vision, so it’s not likely that your publishing such lists of agenda items is intended to advance the people’s agenda, is it?

So how would the liberals expect articles like the above to inspire and motivate the people? I think the liberals expect the people to be inspired to join in implementing the above agenda items without knowledge of the people’s vision, but with faith, hope, trust, that the liberal masters have a vision in their little heads, eh?

But the people are learning that we don’t need the liberal narratives that Common Dreams publishes. Instead, the people are learning that we only need ourselves, and our internal truth, out of which springs the people’s vision, shared among all the people. Out of our vision the above agenda items spring, but in the people’s movement we carefully articulate to each other how this happens. We always ensure a shared understanding of the vision and how our agenda realizes our vision. This is how we achieve and maintain self-rule.

All of the above agenda items spring from the people vision naturally when we acknowledge that the people must control all facets of our society starting with the economy. We control the economy by knowing our true needs, and demanding production that serves only our true needs, thus allocating resources and setting market values that serve only our true needs. Thus we make the jobs available to ourselves that allow us to fulfill our true needs through our roles in supplying the market demands, as well as through our roles in creating the market demands.

We maintain similar control over all other facets of society. Now please allow me to provide you just a small snippet of one of my favorite elements of the people’s philosophy to further whet you appetite for it: The agenda items above, and the whole of the people’s agenda, spring from an approach in which the hypotheses directing the people’s investigations rest on a fundamental foundation of faith, hope, and trust in nature, the source of life, and the human heart, the positive side of human nature. This direction of inquiry leads us into investigative initiatives with great coherence and great results, thus enabling us to build more with less inputs, understand our world with less effort, and join in solidarity to steward the biosphere without elite interference.

Jon the people’s movement yourself and help the people achieve our agenda of self-rule. It’s our only viable option, given the only alternative is submission to elite rule.


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