The People’s Response To Greenwald’s Report on Humphrey Re: Snowden


The people’s paramount concern is achieving and sustaining self-rule before elites destroy us all in this nuclear-gilded age. We aim not to inflame fears but to face a reality that we know we can/must take control of, very soon.

Greenwald’s report is astounding in that it raises the bar on an unfolding drama that most everyone can understand will impact the balance of power in the people’s struggle against elite oppression. So the people are grateful to Snowden, Greenwald, Assange, and others for spearheading the campaign on the journalistic front. But the people are determined to achieve a long-term sustained change, a transition of permanence, not temporary reform. As such we must highlight what needs to change so that further journalistic efforts can be focused on pushing through permanent change, instead of temporary change.

Temporary change will come out of theses revelations that focus on a handful of superstars, supermen, the exceptionals. Permanent change will come out of revelations that focus on the people, all people, as the stewards of the society. The reason is simple: Because there will not be civilization until the people are in control of the forces that affect them. The people’s philosophy, vision, and agenda are based on this truth and others.

The way for journalists to support the people’s movement with their communications is to acknowledge in those communications that the society needs the people to take over stewardship from the elites. So a journalist can reveal Humphrey’s view, for example, with the proper caveats. For example: “Humphrey’s view basically echoes Snowden’s view BUT most importantly, it echoes the people’s view as the views of individuals can only support the people’s agenda if the weight of their view is roughly equal to the weight of everyone else’s view.”

Civilization can only be sustained via universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice. Contributions are properly acknowledged when the intent is in proper support of the collective.


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