We Need Everyone To Participate

We in the people’s movement are trying very hard to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. Would you like to join us? We will illustrate why we need everyone to join us by quickly analyzing a Nation article posted today at Common Dreams. All the people of the world need each other. We need to share a strong solidarity to break free and stay free from elite rule, the prime cause of all societal problems. Our goal is to achieve self-rule and enjoy the great promise of self-rule, which include freedom from war, fear, hatred, oppression, confusion, racism, classism, slavery, patriarchy, destructive mythologies and traditions and all the destructive fallout of rule by sociopaths. Under the term “war” we include militarism, imperialism, environmental destruction, and all the destructive manifestations of conflict and competition. The people can easily achieve our emancipation from these horrors. The key is each and every one of us learning to reject elite influence and learning instead to follow our own hearts and internal truth. In the process we will discover that we all really do share the most important things in common.

Now on to the Nation article at hand, “White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman” by Aura Bogado. Ms. Bogado is following a script laid out by the liberal elites controlling liberal media. Liberals and conservatives in Merka are actors following scripts to perform theatrics to keep the people distracted from the horrors of their reality of elite rule. The author never conveys the objective truths about the case, but rather seeks to inflame prejudices taught in the liberal ideology school. Conservatives will perform their version of the formula to support their ideology, all toward delusionary ends for the foot-soldiers, but supporting elite rule in reality. The people’s agenda includes emancipating ourselves from this as we take away stewardship of the society from the sociopaths. Media performs three functions: Reporting news, providing commentary, and providing entertainment. In performing all three functions, content producers convey ideology, liberal ideology emphasizing power concentrated in the state, and conservative ideology emphasizing power concentrated in corporations, both groups sharing the same fundamental agenda, to maintain the people’s enslavement to elite rule.

So this is why Ms. Bogado’s article omits info on the George Zimmerman trial relevant to the people’s truth and the people’s task. She is following a formula decreed by Nation editors and their wider peer group, who follow their own formula, all designed to keep the people confused, divided, and conquered, in service to elites. In turn the elites allow their foot-soldiers to share in the imperial plunder-spoils. Notice that in both cases of liberals and conservatives the foot-soldiers may sincerely and passionately believe their chosen ideology best serves the people. They may even argue that it evolved to prevail by a natural selection of doctrines based on theory that modern civilization requires elite rule. While that could be true, it isn’t the whole truth. Part of the promise of the people’s self-rule is access to a much wider truth. So the truth missing from elite ideologies is that “modern civilization” is absolutely unacceptable to the people. The people’s vision promises freedom from war and all the rest as stated above. So one of the people’s first tasks in switching from elite ideologies to the people’s own ideology is recognizing the negative side of elite rule and recognizing that the people’s self-rule eliminates the negative.

How? In a nutshell, our reality is constructed from our values. When we value an organic apple over a pesticided apple, we manifest the availability of organic apples and viable livings for organic farmers, as opposed to manifesting the pesticided version. The apple is a metaphor for ALL THINGS. When we decide to value the people’s self-rule, the people’s self-rule manifests and displaces elite rule. When we decide that making our own choices is better than allowing elites to make our choices for us, our self-determination manifests. We begin to teach our values in the school curriculum, and in all the media channels, in the journalist’s frames. Our changed values become part of our culture and our traditions, our institutions, systems, our reality. When one is lost, all is lost. This is why we need everyone to participate.


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