Let The Journalist Take Responsibility

‘Ironically, as the Guardian points out, Microsoft’s latest marketing campaign states: “Your privacy is our priority.”‘

Now we are going to explain why the journalist inserting the word “Ironically” into the above quote, instead of using the word “criminally”, itself constitutes a greater crime than that of the corporation. We all know that corporations have no obligation to anyone except to shareholders. Which is a bogus charter so analyzing the behavior of corporations before we re-charter them is putting the cart before the horse. Another thing is journalists reporting crimes today doesn’t motivate the public to do anything. We conclude that the journalist’s role in society has to change to become something very specific that it is not today. The journalist cannot continue to play the role that the journalist plays today. The journalist must serve to guide the people’s values in the direction that the people prefer. One might ask why the people cannot guide themselves. Very simply, because elites stoned the people on petro-opiates. The society that is most successfully stoned consumes resources at a rate four times the world average per capita. The people in that society are known to be least able to guide themselves among all people on the planet. Very simply, they have become dependent on elites to guide them, a dangerous scenario. And so the journalist helping to perpetuate this status quo constitutes a crime. Now the journalist is in a key position to help guide the people while the people are re-learning to guide themselves. The journalist is thus in a position of responsibility. This is not to say that journalists shoulder all the responsibility. But at the point that we designate the journalist as responsible, the journalist’s responsible reaction is to accept responsibility, and then maybe point out who else may also be responsible. But for anyone to deny responsibility at this point is simply unacceptable to the people. Others who the journalist may pass on responsibility to includes academics who wield control over the school curriculum. Let the journalist work to help re-organize the societal structures as the people take stewardship of the society away from the sociopath elites, and learn to steward the society ourselves.


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