The People’s Movement is Serious

The people’s movement is by far the most serious movement available to the people today, in terms of truly focusing on the people’s interests, and the people’s potential. The blog title describes the goal of the people’s movement: Universal solidarity, enlightenment, equity, and justice. But now I will illustrate why this movement is the most serious movement available, with my own personal experience. The rock band Triumph has an album/song titled “Just A Game” describing what western society provides to citizens as avenues for personal fulfillment. “King of the hill” could be the name of the most general version of that game. I personally refused to play that game. Consequently, I failed to gain recognition from my peers for my achievements. One may notice resentment in my writings, and I have certainly felt resentment over this.

Now, as I’ve said often, transparency in personal motives matters. I’ve recognized that my personal motive for requiring peer recognition is for collective, not personal, benefit. And I suspect that you may relate strongly, because I know we all share genes that evolved by predominantly collective forces, via the tribe, or village, i.e. communities of 150 members or fewer. But I also suspect that you cannot relate strongly at the present time because almost all of us are slaves to the game decreed by western elites and will struggle to relate to any quest for collective benefit.

But if the society were stewarded by the people instead of by the elites, there would not be war. The differences between northerners and southerners in 19th century USA would have been resolved, as would the divisions between these groups that have prevailed since, so that the civil war and many other traumas since could have been avoided. And via the people’s movement, many more traumas beyond those may be avoided. We avoid traumas by first learning to redirect any trust we have for authority instead toward ourselves and learn to trust our internal wellsprings of wisdom.

This may require that we alienate ourselves from people we are close to. But this is ok. They will learn to accept us after an initial adjustment. They will have to adjust to the fact that some or many of their own life choices have been rejected by people around them. But this is ok. Their misguidance was a deliberate ploy by elites to enslave them. You weren’t involved in that ploy. Do not feel guilty. Guilt is merely another “gift of oppression” bestowed by elites to further trick/trap us into slavery.

Are you beginning to see the light?

As we all learn to gain control over negative feelings, let’s learn to channel our energy into building collective wellbeing and to demand recognition for our agendas of collective wellbeing. Demand recognition not only from those considered extreme right in their politics, but most especially from those who claim the left (you know who you are). Let us all work together to build a society that gives back what we put into it, and gives back to all equally. This is the people’s movement. It has to be the most serious movement available to the people today because no other movement directly addresses human nature in the design/implementation of societal structures toward maximum wellbeing for all.


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