The Positive Intrigue

They’re gonna say, I’ve ‘aided our enemies’

Many people will be temporarily intrigued, even enthralled, over Edward Snowden’s revelations of massive NSA spying, merely for the entertainment value, not because of an intrinsic tendency toward entertainment addiction but due to a massive, intensive campaign by elites to addict Merkans to entertainment perpetrated over many decades.

Many will claim that entertainment is not the whole thing, but entertainment nevertheless explains part of their intrigue. For some professionals, including journalists, analysts and policy-makers, the revelations are a new exciting opportunity to command public attention. Various motivations lead people to follow such a story and we point out motivations and agendas because knowledge of those is fundamental to the people as we progress with the people’s movement, to advance our agenda to achieve self-rule. To know thyself, and to know others, is crucial to the people’s self-rule. Some things are common sense.

And plenty more will be intrigued over Snowden’s revelations out of a sense of compassion for the multitudes of the empire’s victims, and out of a desire to achieve the people’s self-rule to finally purge elite rule from the face of the earth. As the people turn our focus to this goal we wonder who are these enemies of Merkan elites that Snowden references in the quote above? Of course they are those who threaten elite rule. Now we have a whole table full of motivations, intrigue, and agendas to discuss.

Many Merkans are intrigued by the Snowden revelations because Snowden himself is a puzzle. He chose to serve elites for a number of years, and then he reversed course radically. But this intrigue is never spoken because we are trained to censor discussion of our motivations/agendas. Secrets. Private property. Intrigue. Further intrigue is inspired by knowledge that Snowden is only one of many who serve elites, authoritarian priests. And yet these elite servants exhibit compassion, treat people nicely, and do good in their off-hours. Like the role models Hollywood provides us. Life in Merka is quite civil by most accounts, especially for privileged white males with a resource consumption rate of four times the world average per capita. So the good should make us forget all about the bad.

As part of the people’s movement, the people carefully consider these questions and we arrive at an interesting conclusion: The process by which Snowden himself is operating, and that by which his adversaries are operating, is a process that is proven to sustain elite rule. As Ellsberg failed to bring down the empire, so will Snowden fail to bring down the empire. Nobody is more sure of this than the elites themselves.

So the people decided to devise the people’s movement. We devised the movement before Snowden decided to leak another ocean of proof that the elites are monstrously sociopathic. The people’s movement is based on the people’s awareness of human nature, that the human ego runs amok in tiers of socio-economic hierarchies, and that caging the ego brings down those hierarchies, which opens the way for the rule of the human heart, the people’s self-rule.

Snowden is a valuable catalyst, but only in a world slaving under elite rule. As the people achieve our agenda, and achieve self-rule, the intrigue in the Snowden saga gives way to intrigue at the beauty of nature, the beautiful interactions of nature’s community of people, animals and all of life. And intrigue at the beauty of the planets, stars and galaxies. And the truth, the reality, our legacy. Trust, solidarity, cooperation. Self-determination, dignity. And natural abundance. The positive intrigue. This is the motivation, the agenda, and the promise of the people’s movement.


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