The Journalist And The People’s Movement

While Glenn Greenwald does an amazing job as a journalist uncovering the elites’ organized crime, that journalistic feat is rendered virtually useless, until Greenwald puts his support behind the people’s movement. How is it rendered useless? The elites have learned how to “manage” Merkans in a way that virtually guarantees we will behave like “Good Germans” as Merka descends further and further into fascism. And the elites’ target is to render the population of the whole planet as “Good Germans”, or in other words, good slaves. If Greenwald remains apolitical, the energy released in the population by his journalistic disclosures will be harnessed by some political force. Lacking Greenwald’s direction, the people’s energy released by Greenwald’s revelations will likely be absorbed, dispersed, and rendered benign by the same old liberal apparatus (media/curricula/culture) through which elites have wielded control over Merkans for decades.

Obviously the people need an alternative to the status quo, the elite philosophy/vision/agenda. And so the people have developed the people’s philosophy, the people’s vision, and the people’s agenda. This is the people’s movement. Greenwald has to publicly put his support behind the people’s movement. Why? Because there is an absolute cause, the people’s cause, and competition among the people only defeats the cause. The only way the people can rise above elite rule is to establish the people’s self-rule, and the people can only achieve the people’s self-rule is by uniting as one.

Does this mean democracy is doomed? No. It only means that democracy can no longer trump an absolute ethic, but rather must submit to an absolute ethic, so that democratic means are used to resolve only those differences that will not threaten the people’s self-rule. The people’s self-rule is totalitarian in that it banishes elite rule but that is all it banishes. The people’s philosophy recognizes that there must be suppression of elite rule to maximize planetary wellbeing.

Designating elite rule as the singular evil that must be suppressed in public policy is a choice that many will consider subject to debate, open to challenge. But the people’s observance of our historic oppression by elites, and the various half-measures that did not work for us, lead the people to make a clean break, rise to a new challenge, and unite behind on one philosophy, one vision, one agenda, to achieve maximum universal wellbeing. Our awareness is key. The people’s agenda requires the people’s awareness, so that the people can sculpt the public policy to maintain the highest degree of universal wellbeing that is possible.

As we can see from the current events in Egypt, successions of elites jockeying to claim authority doesn’t work for the people. So the people are now assuming control ourselves. The people are turning away from “dear leader” and are taking our own personal selves to the height in which we can stand together in cooperation, to steward the society as only we can. When the people use the term “organized” we don’t talk about people being organized. We talk about the people’s ideas being organized. When the people use the term “hierarchy” we don’t talk about hierarchies of people. We talk about a hierarchy of ideas and priorities. The people articulate a hierarchy of ideas/goals/issues in the people’s vision, the top being elite rule versus the people’s self-rule. All other issues go under that.

There are details to articulate. For example, the people’s self-rule requires the people’s control of both production and public policy. The people’s philosophy, vision, and agenda are under development, but the basics will not change. The people’s philosophy, vision, and agenda will gradually take center stage over the next few months, and years, as the people move toward self-rule. This is the people’s movement.


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