Snowden Blew The Whistle On Elite Rule

As various Latin American countries offer or consider offering political asylum to Edward Snowden, I want to analyze the situation in the way that the people analyze every situation in their role stewarding global society. The people have taken over stewardship from elites because elites are proven sociopaths and the people have determined that rule by sociopaths is absolutely unacceptable.

In this situation Edward Snowden has leaked state secrets and in doing so has clearly violated state law. However such an act may be legitimate by the people’s philosophy, because if the state itself behaves without regard to the rule of law, then by the people’s philosophy that state forfeits authority in upholding the rule of law. Furthermore it is possible to interpret laws in favor of the people or in favor of elites, whos interest are polar opposites, as elites’ raison d’etre is to enslave/exploit the people. So when an interpretation of a law favors elites then by the people’s philosophy that interpretation may be dismissed.

Clearly Merka has no case against Snowden because Merka has demonstrated over and over its agenda to lift the interests of elites far above and beyond the interests of the people. Now on to the crucial point the people want to make about the Snowden situation: As Merka has demonstrated a wide variety and range of ploys to serve elite interests, so then Snowden’s whistleblowing isn’t blowing the whistle merely on the NSA harvesting millions of telecom records in secret, against the law. But rather, Snowden is blowing the whistle on the entire range of ploys, across the entire front of the elites’ war on people.

Very simply, Snowden blew the whistle on elite rule. But how can the people make such a claim? If this claim had any weight then every claim ever made by anyone, anytime would have the same weight? What gives this claim a shred of legitimacy?

This claim achieves an absolutely urgent legitimacy due to the people’s awakening to the fact that such a value statement is absolutely necessary for us to achieve self-rule and put a stop to the massive ongoing train-wreck of elite rule before the carnage gets worst. Treating each problem separately paralyzes the people. We have to apply one solution that fixes all problems instead of treating each separately. One solution, the people’s self-rule, is simplest for the people to implement. This renders the solution most feasible, most practical, most likely to succeed.

All problems are one problem: Elite rule. All solutions are one solution: The people’s self-rule. Snowden blew the whistle on elite rule. The people’s agenda is simple, clear, and obvious: To replace elite rule with the people’s self-rule.


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