Connections In The Framework Of The People’s Self-Rule

Unprecedented, Germany’s Der Spiegel has described the Obama administration as “soft totalitarianism”. – Quote from Forcing Down Evo Morales’s Plane was an Act of Air Piracy (Guardian UK)

It’s a challenge for many Merkans to first accept that something’s wrong in Merka. This is a very significant challenge to overcome. One may presume that first thing’s first, that Merkans must take that first step before they can contribute more effectively toward the solution, the solution being of course, the people’s self-rule, the people’s active, direct stewardship of the society. But let’s consider a preview at least of the worldview that we will all settle on, what may be called the people’s mature worldview. If one can relate to this worldview, one may leapfrog into it. This worldview we refer to is of course most coherent with nature, and most coherent with the people’s internal truth. This is the only worldview by which the people may properly steward the biosphere, maximizing the wellbeing of all.

In the people’s worldview, the quote above has special meaning. But not only that quote but virtually every idea expressed has special meaning in the context of the people’s worldview. But let’s just take that quote as an example to illustrate the people’s worldview. In the people’s view we immediately associate Germany, and Der Spiegel, with Merka, and the O’Bamba regime. But why? Why would we lump these four entities together? First let’s discuss why we would not. Because we were taught to disassociate states. Why? Because we were taught that we must compete with each other, by our nature, for the spoils. So we were taught that states are adversaries. Us versus them. We good. They bad. But all of this is a lie. A grand illusion, a royal scam.

In the people’s truth, there is only one absolute right/wrong dichotomy worthy of our attention: The elites versus the people. Why? Because it causes the most damage, by far, by a huge margin. Because most other dichotomies are mostly lies. And we see that the royal scam must prevail for elite rule to survive. We understand that a new, different truth must prevail for elite rule to yield to the people’s self-rule. This is only common sense and nobody is going to take our common sense away from us ever again. Right, people? You know you’re right. And don’t you forget it.

When we accept that this dichotomy of elite rule versus the people’s self-rule is the only significant one we then find it natural to associate, or lump, the four entities in the quote above together. And when we do so, all the dots start connecting and everything starts to make sense. We call this coherence. Things simplify, become easier to understand, easier to describe, easier to consider, as the people assume the task to properly steward the society, after the fall of the sociopaths, after the fall of the elites.

Now you see the connections in the framework of the people’s self-rule. They are the connections in the people’s minds, the global collective thought network. Proper connections result in proper choices. Of course you understand this because this is common sense that resonates with your internal wisdom, doesn’t it? You know it.

For your exercise in this lesson, embellish on how/why it is important to associate the four entities above together, Germany, Der Spiegel, Merka, and the O’Bamba regime. Hints: competition, power, domination/submission, “king of the hill”, ego-gratification, hierarchy.


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