Ways to Communicate

There are many ways to discredit the elite agenda, but perhaps the best way is to learn to recognize your own personal need to connect with another person, in person, in a mutually equitable way, i.e. where both are getting roughly the same benefits out of the interaction. This can be a sexual interaction, but it can be a lot of other types too. When you go through this conscious exercise yourself, with another person, and you gain conscious appreciation for this type of interaction, direct and equitable, then media content starts to lose its value in comparison, and the degree to which this process can change a person’s life can be profound. And it is virtually beyond any doubt that a person will choose direct, equitable interaction over all other types.

Now this message is most certainly not intended to discredit the media per se. But it is intended to discredit the elite agenda of abusing the media as part of the elites’ ultimate agenda to abuse the people. And by the way, it is no accident that the people’s philosophy/agenda connects sex to the most positive things, while the elites only use sex to distract our attention from positive things.

So now consider how radically aligned is one-way media interaction with elite philosophy in general. And, likewise, consider how radically aligned is direct/equitable two-way interaction with the people’s philosophy in general. Now allow yourself to build a stronger and stronger personal appreciation of the people’s philosophy, the people’s vision, the people’s agenda, based on this association in your mind between that, and direct, equitable, personal interaction.

You may even choose to associate the intense pleasure of sexual interaction, with the people’s vision, with the people’s agenda. Why? Very good reason why: It was in fact nature that provided us with this mandate to experience pleasure, in direct, equitable relationship with another person. Now consider that while considering also that the people’s philosophy, vision, and agenda are nothing if not in complete resonance with the positive side of nature.

Do you think that building a stronger association in your mind between these positive things may be good for you? Do you think that some things are more wholly positive, lacking serious compromises, and that your more strongly associating these things together can create a much more coherent perspective for you, with greater rewards for you, and not only for you but for your whole community? Do you think that turning away from elites and turning toward your local community more and more could facilitate this change in you, this potential promise of much greater rewards?

Back to the topic of nature, we connect the positive side of nature with our philosophy but we also note there is a negative side of nature with unnecessary conflict, in the human ego, in the predators, the parasites, the pathogens. But we also recognize that the biosphere does not need these elements to thrive. The negative side is an unnecessary appendage. And this truth is carefully factored into the people’s philosophy. So now that we’ve discredited this element of the elites’ philosophy, the “law of the wild”, let’s summarize our key point made here to help buttress the already magnificent strength of the people’s vision:

We find that it is natural for us to strongly associate, to tie, to connect, equitable human interaction with the people’s vision, and likewise strongly associate one-way media interaction with elite rule. These conscious associations can be internalized, and can buttress the people’s faith, hope and trust in ourselves, as we all share the mandate and are urgently needed to help steward the global society.

Because the elites cannot steward anything. Elites have sociopathic tendencies, their egos running amok, and require intensive treatment. And this can also be a signal for journalists to break away from the sociopathic status quo, and join the people’s movement in an appropriate way.


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