Formula of Championz

Common Dreams posted a report today titled “Military Blackout: Army Blocks Access to NSA News Reports”, and quoted a member of the Bradley Manning Support Network: “The more those service members see people taking meaningful action on these injustices, the more they will want to take action themselves.” This seems like a plausible point to make, a worthy point, surely to boost the media outlet’s stature. Journalists must achieve conscious goals to boost the stature of their media outlets as these things don’t happen on their own. If they did, Merka’s media pros would not need to master psychology.

We all understand how very important is psychology to the media profession. If one doesn’t, then I invite him/her to listen in on some interviews of media professionals. For a very candid example, check John Cleese’s interview in the Fawly Towers DVD set.

So how plausible is this idea that service members will want to take meaningful action on injustices except for the stating of the idea putting the journalist in some weird solidarity with some prospective audience? Isn’t it true that service members go through fundamental injustices at boot camp? When the hierarchy of extreme authoritarianism is established in their minds, hearts and souls, at boot camp, and if they make it out of boot camp intact, what kind of attitude toward justice or injustice will they have at THAT point?

It’s probably something like this: MIGHT makes RIGHT.

Did Common Dreams staff ever consider this? It’s very unlikely, because all clues suggest they are merely joining the party, following the formula, which we are all taught in Merka to do. No matter if your politics are right or left, thou shall follow the formula of championz, and never mind what important truths you bury in the process. Obviously the antidote to this terrible situation is to chuck the formula, the formula of championz, and the pretense that you can have your cake and eat it too. Chuck the pretense that you can follow the formula of championz and still sleep well at night, pretending you’re part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

So we’ve established that we cannot be part of the solution while following the formula of championz. We must think things through and follow our own ethical principles, follow our own heart, instead. We have to look at the military knowing that it represents a catastrophic compromise – people in the military pretend that they are building peace on earth, but doing so with the mighty sledgehammer. What a pathetic joke. But militarists have peers in crime. And these are known as liberals. Liberals do the same thing, only differently. Liberals teach the unwitting that one can pretend to stand with the people while at the same time corralling the people in servitude to elites.

Do I need to embellish this point or do you see it clearly? This is why I give Common Dreams staff no quarter. They banned me from commenting at CD, they voted liberal in the elections, and they write junk articles by the formula of championz, a monstrous travesty. The military is no place for the people. The military is a catastrophic compromise, which means a compromise that breaks the people’s backs. CD staff should stop riding the gravy train. STAND WITH THE PEOPLE INSTEAD.

Oh never mind. The people don’t really need Common Dreams. Common Dreams in fact needs the people. That’s how it always works. Isn’t it?

On a final note, what is the lesson for the people? We see how we must create our own media channels so we can report events in the people’s own frames, so we can convey the people’s values, the value we place on the people, the people who are working to achieve the people’s agenda, not those trapped/tangled in the military hierarchy, das kapitalist hierarchies, das liberal rackets, all subsidiaries of the elite juggernaut. It’s a very bright future for the people. We know our way into the sun.


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