The secret is entertaining because it is a puzzle, a game, but often with social impacts, making for potent amusement. And when opponents engage in contest, each one’s secrets become important, as important as winning the contest. Hollywood movies and TV episodes have long taken the secret to most profitable heights. But concern lately has been over the secrets of states, those entities that bestow upon themselves a “monopoly on violence”, sparring on the global stage to be “christened” the “galactic supremacist-monopolist-dominist”. Are you sick and throwing up yet? It is well-known that the human heart has only limited tolerance for sociopathic tendencies of the human ego. The human heart does not gain gratification by domination. The human heart has nothing to hide. Thus, no need for secrets. Isn’t the human heart the model for the human society? Of course. So what’s next?

The familiar reply to this question will be to do nothing, of course. Why? Because the elites declined to nod. Why would a popular response be heed the elites? People want stability and falsely defer to “dear leader” to provide it. Never mind that stability would prevail were “dear leader” to vanish in a puff of smoke. “Dear leader” is unneeded. When the people realize this, the people will begin to ignore elites, and steward the society themselves, by the mandate that was in their own hands all along. No secrets needed. No secrets wanted.

Information should be free. Information should be shared. It is more obvious as you visualize a cooperative society.

You visualize stuff, right? You visualize your own stuff, right? Without any external guidance, right? Because you do have an imagination, right? And you do believe your imagination is useful, valuable, right?

I mean, what other conclusion might you take? Stop your car. Stop your TV. Stop your stereo. And answer my question. Your imagination – it’s valuable, right?

Ok then. Imagine a cooperative society. Without secrets. Without the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the spy-gooks. I label them gooks because didn’t they label the Vietnamese gooks? Let them taste their own medicine. Imagine a cooperative society. Without secrets. Now you will support freedom of information. The freedom of all people to share all knowledge, all information. So now it’s time for you to get to work. Are you going to get to work now? Of course you are.


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