Ripe Thoughts on Journalism

Yesterday Rolling Stone magazine published a story by Matt Taibbi on the question of “objectivity” in journalism after several mainstream media journalists practically accused Glenn Greenwald of aiding and abetting Edward Snowden’s “crime” leaking classified information. Taibbi did a good job defending Greenwald and putting the mainstream media journalists in their place. He also did a good job explaining why journalism is never fully objective. But the conventional view that Taibbi’s story may be adequate in exposing such a problem is completely false. Taibbi’s story was woefully inadequate to a criminal degree and I will explain why here, to hopefully enlighten the reader to the truly dark state of journalism in the bowels of the empire, in the plunder-fest nation that what was once the world’s “beacon of hope”.

There is no doubt that Taibbi’s story would cause most readers to change their entrenched view of the integrity of mainstream media in Merka. There is no doubt that Merka’s mainstream media took a hit by that story and this is no doubt a monumental feat for a journalist. But the crime is that it isn’t good enough because I know that it did not impact me profoundly enough. And I have a decent finger on the pulse of Merka, and I know that if it didn’t impact me profoundly enough, then it didn’t impact others profoundly enough either. Why would I say it didn’t impact Merkans profoundly enough? Read on.

We all know by now that the galactic empire known as Merka needs to reverse course. We know where it’s going and we know where it needs to go. We know that organic food has immense advantages over industrial food and we know that the organic equivalent in virtually every realm has immense advantages over its status quo train-wreck counterpart. We know this about the school curriculum, the transportation system, the marketing sector, healthcare, journalism, foreign policy, public policy in general, the financial sector, entertainment, the intellectual property regime, and everything else, all things, in totality. Nothing has been left untouched/untargeted by the elites and their minions. Everything needs to be stewarded by the people themselves, instead of driven into the ground by sociopath elites. Everything.

This is why Taibbi’s story wasn’t good enough. In order for the people to shift their energies away from the elite enterprise and into the people’s enterprise, the people need stronger advocacy in the journalist’s narrative. Taibbi needs to come down much harder on the mainstream media journalists in that story. But Rolling Stone’s editors wouldn’t let him, and he didn’t argue too much, because none of those at Rolling Stone have decided yet to throw their support fully behind the people’s movement. They are too busy selling magazines and feeling “good” about being part of the “lesser” evil twin hydra head.

The way that journalists need to change today to begin putting their energies behind the people’s movement is to frame events in the people’s frames, in the people’s terms. Here is another illustration: Common Dreams is about as far-left as any media channel, occasionally even publishing articles by Noam Chomsky, where virtually no other media channel dares to go. And yet Common Dreams posted a headline today: “Will US General Find Immunity from Obama’s Wrath for Leakers?”. Who gives a damn about a Merkan military general?

Apparently Common Dreams staff has the view that many, if not most, of its readers care about the relative harmony/disharmony in the galaxy’s most monstrous domination hierarchy. Why would we? What kind of stake might we have in that? Friends and family involved in that? Should this be an ok thing? Should there not be pressure to eject ourselves out of the galaxy’s most monstrous domination hierarchy? Notice what Common Dreams does not put in its headline: Noam Chomsky for President. By omitting that from the headline, CD is pressuring its readers to STOP thinking such things. Instead, please consider something practical, practical, practical, realpolitika-like: So how harmonious is the relationships of top dogs in the galaxy’s most monstrous domination/submission hierarchy?

Hurt me some more, dear editor. What else shall I think today, dear editor? Feed me some more elite propaganda. Owch.

This is the message I wanted to send to you regarding Merkan journalism today. It needs to change, big time. NOW. The frames must reflect the people’s principles. The people think the galactic domination hierarchy is bogus. So the journalist’s story needs to reflect that it’s bogus. This is how a truly civil society works. Take this lesson today. You need to take it.


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