Nobel Liar Prize?

“The fact is what we’re trying to do is get the information our nation needs, the foreign intelligence, that primary mission. The case that Snowden has brought up is in defending this nation from a terrorist attack. I’m confident that we’re following the laws that our country has in doing what we do. We have a set of laws that guide how NSA acts; we follow those laws. We have tremendous oversight by all three portions of the government: the courts, Congress and the administration.”

The above quote is from General Keith Alexander, the head of the NSA, published first in the Guardian article “Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador amid diplomatic storm”. Quite a doozie of a lie, surely worthy of a Nobel Liar Prize. The NSA is in fact not defending Merka from a terrorist attack. Rather, the NSA is using the threat of a terrorist attack as a pretext for expanding a certain enterprise at the direction of elites, to advance elite rule. The NSA is merely one of a number of enterprises, each with its peculiar specialty, designed to exploit specific fear-driven energies of people, to draw wealth/power out of the people’s hands and into the hands of elites. The spy community’s specialty is to exploit fears in the people inflamed by elite propaganda of the threat of hostile foreigners, the vast majority of such threats being concocted and/or inflamed by the elites themselves. In exploiting these fears, the minions under the spymasters work feverishly to build their spy infrastructure out of their own fears, and misguided ego-gratifications, as they sincerely believe their work is contributing to the public good, and/or they are simply securing their jobs, and/or elevating their prestige in the eyes of their superiors, their peers, and family and friends.

Everyone needs to feel like they belong as valuable members of their communities. So the minions toiling under the whips of the spymasters, and those toiling under the whips of all sociopaths, must be freed from their chains. The people’s movement exists to achieve exactly this freedom, not only for those slaves, but or all people on the planet, from each and every oppression. We really are all in it together. And the people understand that the power is in our own hands, always.


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