The People’s Mandate

I’m going to talk about the people’s mandate, the mandate of all people, each and every one of us. In doing so I may refer to various well-known people who in various capacities are doing things to help the people. But in doing so I won’t allow the emphasis to be taken off the people ourselves. The mandate is the people’s, all the people, each and every one of us.

The mandate to steward the society, and the whole biosphere, in solidarity with nature, is the people’s. This means a stewardship that is free from elite interference. Today an article by Ralph Nader was posted at Common Dreams titled “Corporatizing National Security: What it Means”. At least in the first half of the article, Nader was describing the threat of allowing the private sector to take over the government task of spying. I was appalled at Nader for suggesting that the government task of spying could be anywhere near close to legitimate, because I am sure, and the people are sure, that spying is absolutely illegitimate, always. Now I quote one of Nader’s lines: “These functions and assets—which belong to or are the responsibility of the taxpayers—are being used to make an increasingly small pool of top corporate executives very wealthy.”

My point is that spying functions and spying assets are not assets of or the responsibility of taxpayers. Rather the people have a mandate, and will rise to the challenge soon enough, to end taxpaying and owning the resulting “assets” decreed by elite sociopaths to be “owned” by the “taxpayers”. END IT. End elite rule wholly across the board. And in its place the people will install the rule of law, by, for the people. The people’s agenda includes no spying. Ask the people. The people decree no spying. Ask them.

ASK THE PEOPLE. I think you can see where I am going with this. Do you see? Is it clear to you? If not, ASK THE PEOPLE. The people decree no spying. But never once did anyone in Washing-town suggest that you ASK THE PEOPLE. Ahh, that is the difference between how elites rule and how the people will steward the society with the rule of law, by, for the people. What a story.

There are two separate problems raised by Nader’s article, government spying and corporatizing government functions. The “great games” of disgusting sociopaths. The people’s philosophy and the people’s agenda are clear enough so the people can easily sort out the sociopath’s wreckage, and sort out every tangle, big and small, arising in the people’s stewardship of the society. The people will simply banish elite sociopaths from interfering in the people’s work. The complexity of properly stewarding the society, by and for the people, is greatly simplified by focusing on the people’s true needs, utilizing the people’s internal wellsprings of wisdom, harnessing the energy of the human heart, instead of the human ego. I guess the mandate is everyone’s so there are a lot of people needing to get very busy, right now. So, what is there left to say?


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