Charter of the Forest Importance Increases As Surveillance State is Exposed

The importance of the Charter of the Forest, and the wider People’s Movement, increases as the surveillance state is exposed as ever more far-reaching than anyone could have imagined. The arguments of elite apologists erode, leaving the Charter of the Forest and the wider People’s Movement ever more credible than before. How are some of us more, and some of us less, able to see the empire destroying itself and paving the way for the People’s Movement? Nobody holds a monopoly on the truth. Rather some of us are less inclined to trust authority. So there is no greater credibility for any one person over any other, but instead we focus our attention on the credibility of ideas, so that we can be sure to embrace the ideas that truly work best for the people. The Charter of the Forest decrees that the people and nature will remain intimately connected, because that is how we want to be with the source of life. Because we need that connection to thrive. We thrive in groups of less than 150 people. This is the tribe, the village. We keep the political power local by trading exclusively with fellow villagers. We share as much with our global peers as is sustainable. This includes virtually all information. What is done with the information matters. With information the people build universal solidarity, enlightenment, equity and justice. And with information elites build master/slave relationships. So the surveillance state is needed by elites. And transparency and truth are needed by the people. It’s all very simple. And we will embellish further in the days and weeks to come.


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