The Oldest Story Is The Story Of Universal Self-Determination

In an article posted at today, David Sirota said: “the oldest story in human history: the story of how power corrupts and how absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Sirota was discussing the way the Merkan president terrorizes people with drone warfare indiscriminately today compared with a year ago when he claimed to carefully select his victims.

But that “oldest story” is not truly the oldest story in human history. It is merely a story that Sirota has claimed to be that because that helps him embellish his point that absolute power is a big bad thing. We all know it’s bad but we also know that it isn’t so big. Elite rule has not been around for anywhere near as long as the human race. Before elite rule, the people thrived in small local communities, tribes, villages. The advantages of this social structure are so great that it may be easily regarded as the key that enabled more elaborate civilizations and more plunderous enterprises to flourish on its back.

It seems Sirota wants to compel his reader to return to read his next article. So he may say things in ways that have proven effective in the past to draw readers back. So the chilling saga of elite rule continues. So Sirota isn’t compelling his readers to step up and join the people’s movement, to rebuild the local community as the pillar of the people’s movement, as the backbone of the society under the people’s rule. But this is exactly where the people are going. We are moving toward universal self-determination with our understanding of how we need to view the world, and organize our world, to achieve self-rule. So we are re-organizing our communities to maximize the wellbeing of all. Local political power is achieved via local ownership of production and local demand driving production. Not only in the market arena but also in the civic arena. Local self-determination maximizes the wellbeing of all, far beyond the plunder-spoils of empire.

How all the many small local communities across the globe will work together to economize small-scale local production in each is the crucial challenge for the people. The people recognize the huge potential of global cooperation to achieve local empowerment, leveraging new knowledge to make life much more humane, while keeping that power out of the hands of elite sociopaths. And so global cooperation for local autonomy, is what the people are now pursuing. We will re-acquire strong local communities, our tribes and villages where we enjoyed universal self-determination, and all its benefits, for the longest period, that is the oldest, most long-running, and happiest story in human history.


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