Glenn Greenwald Mentions Reform But The People Require Revolution

Regarding the article posted today at Common Dreams, “Edward Snowden’s Worst Fear Has Not Been Realized – Thankfully”, the need to distinguish between reform and revolution becomes apparent. Actions by Manning, Assange, Snowden and Greenwald are giving the galactic imperium and its sociopath leaderz the comeuppance they sorely need. But in this article, Greenwald mentions reform too many times, and revolution not once. I’ll explain below why a general civic revolution is utterly necessary in Merka, but also why a journalistic revolution is also needed.

This is about the people’s needs. The people need self-determination, or freedom from elite rule, as much as we need the basics such as food because, under elite rule, we have become ourselves weapons wielded toward the complete destruction the biosphere, as the elite enslave us to mindless consumption. For example, coral reef destruction commences at a rate of 2% annually, so the reefs have only a few decades left. And there is of course much more at stake than the coral reefs.

It isn’t Greenwald’s responsibility to lead a revolution. Besides we don’t need leadership. What we do need from journalism, especially a new journalism, is acceptance for revolution, acceptance for the people’s view, the people’s language and frames.

Why is revolution prominent in the people’s view? Because we know the elites’ strategy is to wear us down in a war of attrition. In such a war they know that reform is only temporary, that elite rule remains intact after reform, ready to rise again. But why do some argue for revolution when the majority of people obviously do not clamor for it? One may view revolution as unnatural today, at least in Merka. But in fact what we call natural and unnatural in Merka today are actually gross distortions, achieved by the elites via relentless media propaganda campaigns.

The people are learning that the liabilities that the people suffer under elite rule, and the benefits the people enjoy under self-rule, are huge. The people learn this when the people taste self-rule, individually. We taste self-rule by jettisoning dependence on elite production, elite governance, elite mythologies, elite control. And more and more of the people are awakening to this most crucial truth about ourselves. So this is why revolution trumps reform in the people’s view. Journalists do not need to lead the revolution, but acknowledgment and acceptance are in order today.


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