Remember That Nosferatu Has A Public Relations Puppet

Nosferatu is the elite ego, the sociopath element of human nature, that is organized to build and maintain a class hierarchy, concentrate wealth and privilege for an elite few at the expense of everyone else. This is the nobility, or in modern times, the capitalists. The capitalist elites, the modern Nosferatu, have themselves a political wing, often called conservatives, although their “official” party name can be anything. Conservatives overtly support class hierarchy, with an obvious agenda. Liberals do the same and with the same agenda, but under a carefully constructed camouflage. I was inspired to write this by an article from The Nation Institute. That institute is a model for carefully constructed liberal camouflage. I suggest you visit there and see what I mean. In the context of the people’s movement we can see through the liberal camouflage. The liberal agenda is to support the sociopaths, for easy distribution of the sociopath’s plunder spoils to the liberals while they indulge in more cerebral adventures than their conservative counterparts might. This tendency leads them to become Nosferatu’s public relations puppet. What else can be said? The people know a better way. It is the way of the people’s self-determination.


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