Merkan Liberals Exploiting Fears To Boost Their Political Power

“Some watchdog groups such as Center for Food Safety and Cornucopia Institute have greater confidence in U.S. farms and U.S. organic certification than from imports.”

This is a quote from a Merkan public health lawyer in an article posted on Common Dreams today titled “How Did Hepatitis Get into Organic Berries?” There is no question that Merkan liberals do things to benefit the people. Things that would otherwise not be done. The problem is that those beneficial outcomes are not the only outcomes of liberal activities, and as Merka descends further into fascism on the liberals’ watch, the people ultimately have to look at all the outcomes of the activities.

One of the outcomes of people reading the above quote is a reinforcement of elite frames such as Merka has the most trustworthy government and/or civil society looking into such issues as food safety. Another outcome is the reader forgetting the whole of the people’s frames on reality. In this case, we’re talking about the frame that localism, with small enterprises serving local communities, is the basic scheme that ultimately benefits the people most, by the greatest degree. In the localist frame, we do not buy food or anything else from far-flung strangers. Instead, the people’s philosophy emphasizes local eye-to-eye exchange, with global solidarity and information-sharing.

The liberals will view my assertion above as an insult, shake their heads, and claim that the liberal frame is not mutually exclusive with the people’s frame at all, in an effort to discredit me and my assertion. These liberals are of course misguided by their elite masters, and their hostile reaction is exactly their masters’ intended outcome.

When the liberals convey their messages in the media they are using frames that obscure or diminish the people’s philosophy and frames. So an outcome of the liberal’s message in the quote above is the people increasing their support for Merkan bureaucracies and regulatory regimes, instead of support for the people’s philosophy and frames. Thus, the people remain alienated from the philosophy that resonates best with their internal truth, the people’s philosophy, and the people’s vision and agenda. Thus, the people remain enslaved to elites. This is the ultimate outcome of the liberal agenda, by design. In contrast to that, of course, the people’s agenda best serves the people, maximizing the people’s well-being, by design. Learn the difference between the design, or intentions, behind liberals’ philosophy/agenda and the people’s philosophy/agenda.


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