The ACLU is Nowhere Near Doing Enough, And Neither is Anyone Else…

Regarding the article posted at Common Dreams today, “Why the Government Wants Your Metadata”, by Ben Wizner and Jay Stanley of the ACLU, in response to a whistleblower revealing Merka’s most secretive spy agency, the NSA, is systematically harvesting the telecommunications records of millions of Merkans, I’m going to show why the ACLU is nowhere near doing enough to help reverse Merka’s fall into a monstrous fascism.

It is no doubt that the people are better off with than without the ACLU’s choices of activities, commenting on events in ways that illuminate for the people these shadows cast by Nosferatu, the sociopath elites, the human ego run amok.

But it’s not enough, obviously. The ACLU shares the responsibility to go further with all Merkans, but especially those into communications. And you know who you are. Heh heh.

It is not enough because the ACLU, and all the rest, are failing to put the news in the context, or frame, that enables the people. What is a context, or frame, that enables the people? The frame, context, or worldview, that the people can, really truly can, steward their own society, their own local communities, their own minds, and the whole biosphere. When events are reported in such a context, the people draw much different conclusions than the people draw in response to the status quo message in the status quo frame.

Much different conclusions. Much different responses. Much different motivations, and agendas. The people really do want to live in a better world, a world governed by the people themselves, instead of royalty, elites, sociopaths, monsters, egos run amok. Someone keeps forgetting. Who keeps forgetting? Who keeps dropping the ball? Heh heh. As I said, you know who you are.

The guys from the ACLU will keep talking in frames that defy the people’s great potential. Defy the people’s awakening to the power in their own hands, to re-design and re-implement the school curricula, and the frames of public discourse. The guys will thereby help maintain the status quo of elite rule. But the people will not keep standing for it. The people are awakening. The people will set the frames and the public discourse themselves, along with the school curricula, eh?


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