Focus Now is on Fringe Media

Since 9/11, Merka’s mainstream media has lost most of its credibility by cheerleading illegal/immoral, unnecessary invasions/conquests, and dutifully reporting the news exactly how elites want it reported as Merka descends into “third world” status in terms of civil rights and wealth divides. During this period the more concerned and aware citizens have hoped that more fringe media outlets, such as Common Dreams, might take up the slack of the mainstream media.

But now that news has broken of the elite-controlled US government’s widespread surveillance of Merkans’ phone calls, millions affected (See “Confirmed: The NSA is Spying on Millions of Americans” at Common Dreams), we have what feels like an overload of evidence to concerned/aware citizens that not even the fringe media, such as Common Dreams, Alternet, etc, have been loyal enough to the people. To be loyal to the people, a media outlet must set the average tone of all articles posted to be significantly pro-people in this all-too-obvious, and intensely escalating, conflict between the people and our oppressors. Lacking loyalty to the people through a journalistic style that bases dialog on the people’s own philosophical frames, the media effectively pushes the people out of solidarity with each other and into the corral of slavery to the master elites.

The frames that serve the people assume that the people can steward their own minds, their local communities, their wider societies, and the whole biosphere, toward maximum biospheric wellbeing, infinitely better than elites ever could. These frames are of course the foundation of the people’s curricula, to be introduced into the schools as the people assume stewardship of the biosphere. News of the US government’s widespread surveillance is like a tipping point following revelation after revelation of liberal complicity with the extreme rightwing elements that liberals pretend to oppose. The liberal juggernaut obviously has a stranglehold on the vast majority of Merkan media all the way to the furthest left fringe, given that the frames used, in probably 75% of articles posted at Common Dreams, are peculiarly designed by someone (certainly not the people) to highly resonate with elite rule.

This scenario is obviously unsustainable. A much greater portion of frames used by the media must be the people’s frames. The public discourse MUST echo the worldview, held by the people, that elite rule MUST end. Will the people transcend conventional media outlets with the people’s own media? Probably the best thing the people could do at this point, while we continue to build the people’s media, is to flood established media with email demanding a shift to the people’s frames. Lacking progress on the media front, we will be forced to watch Merka descend further and further into fascism, out of which the people will be forced eventually into violent rebellion, after the people and the whole biosphere suffer immeasurably by the “invisible hand” of elites.


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