How Real Journalism Funds Itself

In Common Dreams today is an article by Glenn Greenwald from which we harvest this short quote for yet another lesson on the power of the people’s movement: “there are special dangers when true journalism cannot find a means to fund itself.” Greenwald is lamenting the erosion of the ability of independent journalism to thrive in the age of the internet.

Those of us who have already spent the time/energy to indulge in the people’s vision, a resource within each and every person, can get very excited about explaining how the solution to the problem Greenwald presented integrates with the holistic solution of the people’s agenda that solves all problems created by elite rule. But those who haven’t spent the time/energy may indeed be very frustrated at this point to see how there can be any solution to the problem of independent journalism thriving today, let alone a solution that seamlessly integrates into a magnificently simple and beautiful whole. So we will present the solution in a way that also introduces the people’s holistic vision, so the reader can become more comfortable with the vision that best resonates internally with all people.

Localism is a major pillar of the people’s strategy, doctrine and agenda toward achieving the people’s vision and nirvana. The Charter of the Forest is another element, or way, to organize the people’s ideas into practical frameworks. Localism means strong participation of individuals in their local economies and communities, which will eliminate virtually all problems with elite rule, by shifting the socio-economic power back into the hands of the people where it belongs. In a healthy local community, the locals impose civic/market demands which direct civic activities and industrial production. It takes very little effort for one to see how this approach is applied holistically across all sectors, including journalism, when one has previously learned to appreciate holistic, or comprehensive approaches, what is sometimes described in engineering circles as “elegant”.

In the training in the basics of engineering by the people’s approach, the concept of engineering elegance is key. As one learns to appreciate more and more the value to the people created by elegance in design, the value in tools, the value in ideas, the value in policies, one comes to appreciate more and more the foundation of the people’s movement. Likewise, one comes to realize more and more the crime against humanity and against the whole biosphere, of Merkan style “supply-side” economics and all of the elites’ imperialist designs of domination/submission, conquest, pillage and plunder.

Now in this example of local demand solving the problem of modern journalism, the people have yet another example of the universal beauty of the people’s strategy. The people will set the value of independent journalism, like the people will set the value of everything else, as the people exact their true demands, to serve their true needs, in the market/civic spheres, to maintain the people’s self-determination, the people’s self-rule, the people’s stewardship of the biosphere, free from elite interference. This is how the real everything funds itself.


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