In the People’s Book of Rhetoric and Propaganda

In Common Dreams recently an article, “The Banality of ‘Don’t Be Evil'” by Julian Assange was posted and I would like to use it as an illustration of rhetoric and propaganda. Rhetoric and propaganda represent ways to use language and frame ideas that resonate with convictions to achieve agendas. Convictions and agendas depend on the character of societal systems that determine the formula that must be followed to achieve the agenda, for example, to hoard power/privilege, or to disperse power/privilege.

So we have a formula, an agenda, and language that are used together by sociopaths to hoard power/privilege and thereby build a master/slave society, or used by the people to disperse power/privilege and thus build a truly free society.

Assange clearly understands the importance of awareness and clarity because he demonstrates those in his first two paragraphs, which I recommend reviewing at this point. He also demonstrates a clarity and awareness of both his own agenda and the agendas of those who hoard power/privilege and build class divisions. Finally, he demonstrates a clarity and awareness of the strategies used by those power-hoarding to deceive the people.

I open my discussion of Assange’s message with a fictional short: Young Jacob is riding his tricycle and happens upon a baby bird that has fallen from its nest. He enlists his older bother to help restore it to the nest. The story goes on to show Jacob growing up and starting a corporation that becomes the next Google. This story could have been Merkan mainstream media propaganda illustrating how people can have strong compassion and yet still have ambitions to pursue the “Merkan Dream” of power/influence. But I’m using it to illustrate how such a mixing of drives, altruistic compassion and hierarchical ambition, is a tendency of people that may be either practiced as a noble tradition or banished like the black plague, and must be banished if we want a more just and equitable society.

Such a mixing of altruistic compassion and hierarchical ambition is the enabling ritual for Merka’s cult of dominance/submission. This cult is no mere academic amusement. This ritual was devised by Merkan elites to manage human nature in a way that serves Merkan elites, at the expense of everyone/everything else, or to put it bluntly, to enslave the people to elite rule. The elites’ campaign of mass conditioning to strongly associate or bind in the people’s minds this pair of totally incompatible drives on opposite ends of the ethical spectrum is the weapon Merkan elites use to confuse the people, and destroy their ability to connect the dots of truth, and their ability to achieve their self-determination, and self-rule.

Altruistic compassion and hierarchical ambition are polar opposites and are infinitely more valuable to Merkan elites combined in a package than they could ever be separate. Altruistic compassion keeps Merkan elites heros in their childrens’ eyes and provides the “evidence” they can point to to “prove” that they are not sociopaths. And hierarchical ambition keeps Merkan elites in cahoots with their fellow sociopaths, as united they stand toward their shared goal. But it is the mixing of altruistic compassion and hierarchical ambition, in the media and curricula, that drives the masses into the slave shackles of the galactic empire, to manifest the sociopath’s dream. It cannot manifest without slaves.

Which explains the behavior of the subjects of the first two paragraphs of Assange’s article, the authors of the book “The New Digital Age”, Schmidt and Cohen. These are Silicon Valley entrepreneurs (Schmidt is the CEO of Google) conveying their vision of how Merka can maintain the cult of dominance/submission in a changing world, with the aid of Silicon Valley’s technology. The well-intentioned young ambitious Silicon Valley entrepreneurs put the baby birds back in their nests there on the campus of Stanford University, but when they become the CEOs of mega-billion-doller korporations (alternate spelling intended) they are “diversifying” in the classic way that works so well for the master elites of Merka. They are closing the lid on the cauldron where incompatible ideas stew and transform into mass confusion, enabling slavery.

“Be everything to everybody” is one way it was put recently in describing one of Merka’s “great success stories”, the Merkan president, after his latest propaganda delivery. So everybody has to indulge in self-delusion to ignore that he behaves one way one minute and totally differently the next.

The mix of altruistic compassion and hierarchical ambition in the behavior of “dear leader” may be intriguing fodder for the the anthropology student, but it is downright disconcerting for the many who are taught to admire “dear leader” as a role model.

Bill Keller, editor of the NY Times while functioning as lead cheerleader for Merka’s illegal invasion/occupation of Iraq that left up to a million innocents dead and many more maimed and/or displaced, puts the classic strategy in practice while backtracking and apologizing for his heinous crimes against humanity: “I remember a mounting protective instinct, heightened by the birth of my second daughter almost exactly nine months after the attacks. Something dreadful was loose in the world, and the urge to stop it, to do something — to prove something — was overriding a career-long schooling in the virtues of caution and skepticism.” Quite a “beautiful mix” of compassion and ambition, every sociopath would have to agree.

Openly mixing of incompatible ideas is a favorite pastime of Merkan liberals. It gives them a lot to argue about, but especially allows them to captivate their audience as they desire. Merkan conservatives, in contrast, follow simple rules to serve master, not paralyzed, but free to march, in goose-step.

It is an exercise for the people to fill in the picture but the cause and effect seem very obvious, that such a mix of altruistic compassion and hierarchical ambition, and the associated confusion, works for elites. And keeping these drives separate, and the resulting clarity in doing so, works for the people. This is obvious because the people have very little hierarchical ambition. The people have mostly altruistic compassion. The people’s vision may be described simply as a strong intuition that compassion works, for the people, far better than any compromise of that compassion with ambition.

When we keep the two separate, the people will no longer be distracted and confused by elite siren songs of hierarchical ambition. The people will no longer crash their ships on the rocks in that confusing, contradicting, and dead-end pursuit. The people will leave the hierarchical ambitions to the elite sociopaths who are harmless without their slaves. And the people, with their clarity and compassion, will rise to their mandate, stewards of the biosphere, maximizing the wellbeing of all.


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