It Is All Absolutely Clear To The People

‘It is not at all clear whom Graeber is stigmatizing, since he uses the word “liberal” (or interchangeably, to Graeber, “progressive”) to describe both the Obama administration and some of its critics on the left.’

Common Dreams published a liberal attack article, The Anarchy Project, today designed to halt the people’s awakening to the liberal/centrist lie and to the anarchist/socialist truth. The Charter of the Forest resonates with the people’s inner truth that anarchism and socialism meld together by necessity determined by the people’s true needs. The people’s crucial need to harmonize with each other and with nature is the impetus that drives the people to distinguish their own simple truth from the liberals’ complex, confusing lies. The people’s crucial need to build and steward their own communities and economies, integrated harmoniously with nature, in the face of the liberals’ stealthy, secretive campaign to enslave the people to elite rule.

This message today, as part o the Charter of the Forest, is another marker on the people’s path to enlightenment and nirvana. Markers on this path amount to reminders of the people’s vision, the vision that resonates with the people’s internal truth, shared by all people, as all people share the same basic needs for fulfillment and meaning, and participation in stewarding their communities and wider environment to promote the fulfillment and wellbeing of all.

Do the liberals aid the people in achieving these goals? Only in the context of their “opponent”‘s agenda do the liberals appear to achieve something of value to the people, but in comparison with the people’s very own vision, philosophy, and agenda, the liberal “contract” falls far short, and is actually a far greater liability than asset to the people.

The author of the attack article, Danny Goldberg, has an agenda to preserve the privileges of his community, Hollywood, which works to enslave the people to elite rule via a very intense cultural propaganda campaign. The article was first published in The Nation, which caters to the “progressive” wing of the liberal establishment, that works carefully to corral the strongest of left-leaning dogies back into the liberal fold. Common Dreams is at the very left fringe performing a delicate dance to keep the most wayward dogies most confused.

The article attacks David Graeber, author of The Democracy Project, as a means to attack anarchism because the liberals are terrified that anarchist/socialist movements will steal away the loyalty of the dogies in their liberal corral. Goldberg’s quote above is designed to reinforce the confusion that liberals sow among their captive dogies, that the liberal’s “dear leaders” cannot be lumped together with the so-called “critics” within the liberal camp. But the people, with their clear vision of how to organize their own thoughts, organize their own personal agendas, organize their local communities, engage their wider societies, and steward their whole biosphere, see instantly the partnership between “dear leader” and his fake critics within his very own camp.

If “dear leader’s” fake critics were true critics they would strongly support the people, the people’s vision, the people’s philosophy, the people’s agenda. But those liberals only pay a little bit of lip service to the people. Those liberals do just enough for the people to steer us back into the corral, and force us to submit to elite rule. And deny our great potential, talent, and ambition, to achieve our self-determination, to achieve our self-rule. David Graeber’s contribution deserves further analysis, and Danny Goldberg’s propaganda deserves further ripping, which we will do at the Charter of the Forest blog at a later date.


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