Formula of Championz

Common Dreams posted a report today titled “Military Blackout: Army Blocks Access to NSA News Reports”, and quoted a member of the Bradley Manning Support Network: “The more those service members see people taking meaningful action on these injustices, the more they will want to take action themselves.” This seems like a plausible point to make, a worthy point, surely to boost the media outlet’s stature. Journalists must achieve conscious goals to boost the stature of their media outlets as these things don’t happen on their own. If they did, Merka’s media pros would not need to master psychology.

We all understand how very important is psychology to the media profession. If one doesn’t, then I invite him/her to listen in on some interviews of media professionals. For a very candid example, check John Cleese’s interview in the Fawly Towers DVD set.

So how plausible is this idea that service members will want to take meaningful action on injustices except for the stating of the idea putting the journalist in some weird solidarity with some prospective audience? Isn’t it true that service members go through fundamental injustices at boot camp? When the hierarchy of extreme authoritarianism is established in their minds, hearts and souls, at boot camp, and if they make it out of boot camp intact, what kind of attitude toward justice or injustice will they have at THAT point?

It’s probably something like this: MIGHT makes RIGHT.

Did Common Dreams staff ever consider this? It’s very unlikely, because all clues suggest they are merely joining the party, following the formula, which we are all taught in Merka to do. No matter if your politics are right or left, thou shall follow the formula of championz, and never mind what important truths you bury in the process. Obviously the antidote to this terrible situation is to chuck the formula, the formula of championz, and the pretense that you can have your cake and eat it too. Chuck the pretense that you can follow the formula of championz and still sleep well at night, pretending you’re part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

So we’ve established that we cannot be part of the solution while following the formula of championz. We must think things through and follow our own ethical principles, follow our own heart, instead. We have to look at the military knowing that it represents a catastrophic compromise – people in the military pretend that they are building peace on earth, but doing so with the mighty sledgehammer. What a pathetic joke. But militarists have peers in crime. And these are known as liberals. Liberals do the same thing, only differently. Liberals teach the unwitting that one can pretend to stand with the people while at the same time corralling the people in servitude to elites.

Do I need to embellish this point or do you see it clearly? This is why I give Common Dreams staff no quarter. They banned me from commenting at CD, they voted liberal in the elections, and they write junk articles by the formula of championz, a monstrous travesty. The military is no place for the people. The military is a catastrophic compromise, which means a compromise that breaks the people’s backs. CD staff should stop riding the gravy train. STAND WITH THE PEOPLE INSTEAD.

Oh never mind. The people don’t really need Common Dreams. Common Dreams in fact needs the people. That’s how it always works. Isn’t it?

On a final note, what is the lesson for the people? We see how we must create our own media channels so we can report events in the people’s own frames, so we can convey the people’s values, the value we place on the people, the people who are working to achieve the people’s agenda, not those trapped/tangled in the military hierarchy, das kapitalist hierarchies, das liberal rackets, all subsidiaries of the elite juggernaut. It’s a very bright future for the people. We know our way into the sun.


Ripe Thoughts on Journalism

Yesterday Rolling Stone magazine published a story by Matt Taibbi on the question of “objectivity” in journalism after several mainstream media journalists practically accused Glenn Greenwald of aiding and abetting Edward Snowden’s “crime” leaking classified information. Taibbi did a good job defending Greenwald and putting the mainstream media journalists in their place. He also did a good job explaining why journalism is never fully objective. But the conventional view that Taibbi’s story may be adequate in exposing such a problem is completely false. Taibbi’s story was woefully inadequate to a criminal degree and I will explain why here, to hopefully enlighten the reader to the truly dark state of journalism in the bowels of the empire, in the plunder-fest nation that what was once the world’s “beacon of hope”.

There is no doubt that Taibbi’s story would cause most readers to change their entrenched view of the integrity of mainstream media in Merka. There is no doubt that Merka’s mainstream media took a hit by that story and this is no doubt a monumental feat for a journalist. But the crime is that it isn’t good enough because I know that it did not impact me profoundly enough. And I have a decent finger on the pulse of Merka, and I know that if it didn’t impact me profoundly enough, then it didn’t impact others profoundly enough either. Why would I say it didn’t impact Merkans profoundly enough? Read on.

We all know by now that the galactic empire known as Merka needs to reverse course. We know where it’s going and we know where it needs to go. We know that organic food has immense advantages over industrial food and we know that the organic equivalent in virtually every realm has immense advantages over its status quo train-wreck counterpart. We know this about the school curriculum, the transportation system, the marketing sector, healthcare, journalism, foreign policy, public policy in general, the financial sector, entertainment, the intellectual property regime, and everything else, all things, in totality. Nothing has been left untouched/untargeted by the elites and their minions. Everything needs to be stewarded by the people themselves, instead of driven into the ground by sociopath elites. Everything.

This is why Taibbi’s story wasn’t good enough. In order for the people to shift their energies away from the elite enterprise and into the people’s enterprise, the people need stronger advocacy in the journalist’s narrative. Taibbi needs to come down much harder on the mainstream media journalists in that story. But Rolling Stone’s editors wouldn’t let him, and he didn’t argue too much, because none of those at Rolling Stone have decided yet to throw their support fully behind the people’s movement. They are too busy selling magazines and feeling “good” about being part of the “lesser” evil twin hydra head.

The way that journalists need to change today to begin putting their energies behind the people’s movement is to frame events in the people’s frames, in the people’s terms. Here is another illustration: Common Dreams is about as far-left as any media channel, occasionally even publishing articles by Noam Chomsky, where virtually no other media channel dares to go. And yet Common Dreams posted a headline today: “Will US General Find Immunity from Obama’s Wrath for Leakers?”. Who gives a damn about a Merkan military general?

Apparently Common Dreams staff has the view that many, if not most, of its readers care about the relative harmony/disharmony in the galaxy’s most monstrous domination hierarchy. Why would we? What kind of stake might we have in that? Friends and family involved in that? Should this be an ok thing? Should there not be pressure to eject ourselves out of the galaxy’s most monstrous domination hierarchy? Notice what Common Dreams does not put in its headline: Noam Chomsky for President. By omitting that from the headline, CD is pressuring its readers to STOP thinking such things. Instead, please consider something practical, practical, practical, realpolitika-like: So how harmonious is the relationships of top dogs in the galaxy’s most monstrous domination/submission hierarchy?

Hurt me some more, dear editor. What else shall I think today, dear editor? Feed me some more elite propaganda. Owch.

This is the message I wanted to send to you regarding Merkan journalism today. It needs to change, big time. NOW. The frames must reflect the people’s principles. The people think the galactic domination hierarchy is bogus. So the journalist’s story needs to reflect that it’s bogus. This is how a truly civil society works. Take this lesson today. You need to take it.


The secret is entertaining because it is a puzzle, a game, but often with social impacts, making for potent amusement. And when opponents engage in contest, each one’s secrets become important, as important as winning the contest. Hollywood movies and TV episodes have long taken the secret to most profitable heights. But concern lately has been over the secrets of states, those entities that bestow upon themselves a “monopoly on violence”, sparring on the global stage to be “christened” the “galactic supremacist-monopolist-dominist”. Are you sick and throwing up yet? It is well-known that the human heart has only limited tolerance for sociopathic tendencies of the human ego. The human heart does not gain gratification by domination. The human heart has nothing to hide. Thus, no need for secrets. Isn’t the human heart the model for the human society? Of course. So what’s next?

The familiar reply to this question will be to do nothing, of course. Why? Because the elites declined to nod. Why would a popular response be heed the elites? People want stability and falsely defer to “dear leader” to provide it. Never mind that stability would prevail were “dear leader” to vanish in a puff of smoke. “Dear leader” is unneeded. When the people realize this, the people will begin to ignore elites, and steward the society themselves, by the mandate that was in their own hands all along. No secrets needed. No secrets wanted.

Information should be free. Information should be shared. It is more obvious as you visualize a cooperative society.

You visualize stuff, right? You visualize your own stuff, right? Without any external guidance, right? Because you do have an imagination, right? And you do believe your imagination is useful, valuable, right?

I mean, what other conclusion might you take? Stop your car. Stop your TV. Stop your stereo. And answer my question. Your imagination – it’s valuable, right?

Ok then. Imagine a cooperative society. Without secrets. Without the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the spy-gooks. I label them gooks because didn’t they label the Vietnamese gooks? Let them taste their own medicine. Imagine a cooperative society. Without secrets. Now you will support freedom of information. The freedom of all people to share all knowledge, all information. So now it’s time for you to get to work. Are you going to get to work now? Of course you are.

Nobel Liar Prize?

“The fact is what we’re trying to do is get the information our nation needs, the foreign intelligence, that primary mission. The case that Snowden has brought up is in defending this nation from a terrorist attack. I’m confident that we’re following the laws that our country has in doing what we do. We have a set of laws that guide how NSA acts; we follow those laws. We have tremendous oversight by all three portions of the government: the courts, Congress and the administration.”

The above quote is from General Keith Alexander, the head of the NSA, published first in the Guardian article “Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador amid diplomatic storm”. Quite a doozie of a lie, surely worthy of a Nobel Liar Prize. The NSA is in fact not defending Merka from a terrorist attack. Rather, the NSA is using the threat of a terrorist attack as a pretext for expanding a certain enterprise at the direction of elites, to advance elite rule. The NSA is merely one of a number of enterprises, each with its peculiar specialty, designed to exploit specific fear-driven energies of people, to draw wealth/power out of the people’s hands and into the hands of elites. The spy community’s specialty is to exploit fears in the people inflamed by elite propaganda of the threat of hostile foreigners, the vast majority of such threats being concocted and/or inflamed by the elites themselves. In exploiting these fears, the minions under the spymasters work feverishly to build their spy infrastructure out of their own fears, and misguided ego-gratifications, as they sincerely believe their work is contributing to the public good, and/or they are simply securing their jobs, and/or elevating their prestige in the eyes of their superiors, their peers, and family and friends.

Everyone needs to feel like they belong as valuable members of their communities. So the minions toiling under the whips of the spymasters, and those toiling under the whips of all sociopaths, must be freed from their chains. The people’s movement exists to achieve exactly this freedom, not only for those slaves, but or all people on the planet, from each and every oppression. We really are all in it together. And the people understand that the power is in our own hands, always.

The People’s Mandate

I’m going to talk about the people’s mandate, the mandate of all people, each and every one of us. In doing so I may refer to various well-known people who in various capacities are doing things to help the people. But in doing so I won’t allow the emphasis to be taken off the people ourselves. The mandate is the people’s, all the people, each and every one of us.

The mandate to steward the society, and the whole biosphere, in solidarity with nature, is the people’s. This means a stewardship that is free from elite interference. Today an article by Ralph Nader was posted at Common Dreams titled “Corporatizing National Security: What it Means”. At least in the first half of the article, Nader was describing the threat of allowing the private sector to take over the government task of spying. I was appalled at Nader for suggesting that the government task of spying could be anywhere near close to legitimate, because I am sure, and the people are sure, that spying is absolutely illegitimate, always. Now I quote one of Nader’s lines: “These functions and assets—which belong to or are the responsibility of the taxpayers—are being used to make an increasingly small pool of top corporate executives very wealthy.”

My point is that spying functions and spying assets are not assets of or the responsibility of taxpayers. Rather the people have a mandate, and will rise to the challenge soon enough, to end taxpaying and owning the resulting “assets” decreed by elite sociopaths to be “owned” by the “taxpayers”. END IT. End elite rule wholly across the board. And in its place the people will install the rule of law, by, for the people. The people’s agenda includes no spying. Ask the people. The people decree no spying. Ask them.

ASK THE PEOPLE. I think you can see where I am going with this. Do you see? Is it clear to you? If not, ASK THE PEOPLE. The people decree no spying. But never once did anyone in Washing-town suggest that you ASK THE PEOPLE. Ahh, that is the difference between how elites rule and how the people will steward the society with the rule of law, by, for the people. What a story.

There are two separate problems raised by Nader’s article, government spying and corporatizing government functions. The “great games” of disgusting sociopaths. The people’s philosophy and the people’s agenda are clear enough so the people can easily sort out the sociopath’s wreckage, and sort out every tangle, big and small, arising in the people’s stewardship of the society. The people will simply banish elite sociopaths from interfering in the people’s work. The complexity of properly stewarding the society, by and for the people, is greatly simplified by focusing on the people’s true needs, utilizing the people’s internal wellsprings of wisdom, harnessing the energy of the human heart, instead of the human ego. I guess the mandate is everyone’s so there are a lot of people needing to get very busy, right now. So, what is there left to say?

The Oldest Story Is The Story Of Universal Self-Determination

In an article posted at today, David Sirota said: “the oldest story in human history: the story of how power corrupts and how absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Sirota was discussing the way the Merkan president terrorizes people with drone warfare indiscriminately today compared with a year ago when he claimed to carefully select his victims.

But that “oldest story” is not truly the oldest story in human history. It is merely a story that Sirota has claimed to be that because that helps him embellish his point that absolute power is a big bad thing. We all know it’s bad but we also know that it isn’t so big. Elite rule has not been around for anywhere near as long as the human race. Before elite rule, the people thrived in small local communities, tribes, villages. The advantages of this social structure are so great that it may be easily regarded as the key that enabled more elaborate civilizations and more plunderous enterprises to flourish on its back.

It seems Sirota wants to compel his reader to return to read his next article. So he may say things in ways that have proven effective in the past to draw readers back. So the chilling saga of elite rule continues. So Sirota isn’t compelling his readers to step up and join the people’s movement, to rebuild the local community as the pillar of the people’s movement, as the backbone of the society under the people’s rule. But this is exactly where the people are going. We are moving toward universal self-determination with our understanding of how we need to view the world, and organize our world, to achieve self-rule. So we are re-organizing our communities to maximize the wellbeing of all. Local political power is achieved via local ownership of production and local demand driving production. Not only in the market arena but also in the civic arena. Local self-determination maximizes the wellbeing of all, far beyond the plunder-spoils of empire.

How all the many small local communities across the globe will work together to economize small-scale local production in each is the crucial challenge for the people. The people recognize the huge potential of global cooperation to achieve local empowerment, leveraging new knowledge to make life much more humane, while keeping that power out of the hands of elite sociopaths. And so global cooperation for local autonomy, is what the people are now pursuing. We will re-acquire strong local communities, our tribes and villages where we enjoyed universal self-determination, and all its benefits, for the longest period, that is the oldest, most long-running, and happiest story in human history.