The People To Stand Up For The Most Relevant Fact Obscured By Liberal Media

Submission : The People To Stand Up For The Most Relevant Fact Obscured By Liberal Media

A well-known fact is at risk of becoming less well-known, thanks to the liberal media: The fact that the people do not need endless economic growth, do not need endless cheap supplies of fossil fuels, and do not need elites to supply energy, or anything else.

It is a well-known fact as the events of the past decade have spurred an unprecedented wave of dissent among the people to elite rule. But the liberal media is making such a well-known fact less well-known by burying it, more and more, in a haystack of liberal propaganda.

A case in point is the article posted by Common Dreams titled “We Don’t ‘Trust’ You: British Columbia Rejects Tars Sands Pipeline”. In this article Common Dreams never bothers to state the obvious need of the people to have the media echo the facts most relevant to the people. And of course never delivers the actual fact as required by the people.

The basic design and intent of liberal propaganda is to trick the people into continued submission to elite rule by appealing superficially to their ethical convictions and altruistic sympathies. This is in contrast their “opponent” partners-in-crime, the conservatives, who appeal to the darker side of human nature in their authoritarian followers.

The fact described above is perhaps the most profound of facts that the people need to be reminded of constantly, to maintain the people’s self-confidence, in the face of relentless propaganda from both liberals and conservatives designed to erode the people’s self-confidence and force their submission to elite rule.

This is a call for all the people to rise up against the oppression of liberal media, like Common Dreams, which stands in defiance of the people’s will, to serve the master elites, in such a cowardly way.

First published at: Charter of the Forest

Bio: Robert Drury resides on the terra-firma of the political far-left and believes liberalism is the great enabler of the extreme right. Robert defines the far-left as the politics of, by and for the people, in absolute opposition to elitism and class hierarchy. Fact is that socio-economic class hierarchies are simply NOT needed in societies of homo sapien. Those highly motivated to build political momentum for the global people’s movement, and anyone who wants to debate, and learn, are encouraged to email:


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