Aren’t ALL Large Profit Corporations Rogues?

“Once you know the maths, you know that Exxon, Rio Tinto and Shell and so on aren’t like normal companies – they’re really rogues.”

That is a quote of Bill McKibben, the climate change movement leader. He is now advocating divestment of fossil fuel stocks from investment portfolios. I think Bill McKibben stands to gain a lot personally from the success of his movement, but that personal gain won’t be shared equally by all, but rather will benefit only Bill McKibben. Sure, the success of that movement will benefit the people to a degree that seems reasonable, but I will explain below why it only seems reasonable but is actually not.

Reigning in fossil fuel companies is only a small part of the holistic healing of societies and the biosphere that is sorely needed. But the piecemeal approach has clearly failed after decades of non-progress. The holistic solution holds far greater potential than the piecemeal solutions of narrow, independent, disjoint social and environmental movements. This is a situation in which the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. The advantage of the holistic approach is that everyone gets to see the big picture within each specific example. When the same solution applies all across the board it appears far easier, far more feasible, manageable, thus boosting the confidence of the people in their ability to maintain the solution state. Only the people themselves can check the schemes of sociopath elites long term.

So the fossil fuel corporations do not stand out as exceptions but are merely some of the worst of a type of organization and a philosophy that has clearly proven itself incapable of serving the people’s and the biosphere’s needs. The Charter of the Forest is a holistic alternative, uniting the people in solidarity not only with each other but as productive citizens and responsible stewards of the biosphere.

McKibben is leaving large profit corporations intact as dominators of the people, except that he wants to reign them in a bit, alter some of their behavior. And someone else wants to alter another little slice of their behavior, and so on. Clearly, the piece that is lacking is the holistic vision that the people can grasp very easily, very simply so that their votes at the ballot box and in the market arena, and in the whole of their lives, can undeniably cover all the bases, and block all the ways, schemes, horizons on which our oppressors may re-appear in the future to re-haunt us, to re-opress us. Divided we fall. We cannot let McKibben divide us to achieve his personal agenda. Let Bill McKibben adopt the people’s philosophy of holistic approaches. All profit corporations should be boycotted proportionate to their power/influence. The people know this instinctively. The people know that the ideas and tools, means and mechanisms in the manifestations of their communities and infrastructures must be their own. The people know that they must have their self-determination, always. And the people are working to achieve this goal.


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