Why The Competitive Hunch Down, Dear Liberals?

An article published today by Common Dreams titled “‘Undocumented… and Unafraid!’: Dozen Arrested in Chicago Protesting Obama’s Aggressive Deportation Policies” depicts the plight of undocumented immigrants in Merka. But the article features the classic liberal journalistic formula whereby the author assumes the reader is already intimately familiar with the issue. This is extremely annoying, because the reader wants to know the reason and sentiments behind each side of any conflict, so that the reader can choose which side he/she most relates to.

Merkan liberals almost never convey the reasoning or viewpoint of their “opposition”. The reader subsequently realizes that one must put more time/effort into learning both sides of issue before one can actively participate in the civic discourse. Way too often, the reader ends up feeling incompetent, or overwhelmed, and ultimately defers to the “experts” and “professionals” to handle civic affairs. Is this exactly the outcome the liberals wish to achieve? Well, how much longer are we going to pretend it is an unintended side effect? This “side effect” of the people’s overwhelm remains a consistent feature of the journalistic status quo that liberals seem unable to change. So it very likely must be a goal for the liberals.

And if you propose that liberals are merely using the plight of the people as a pretext for achieving power, then their talking about the plight of the people only in ways that stump the people and stifle the people’s active participation in civic affairs, seems a great strategy to achieve such a goal.

If you are skeptical of this possibility, consider that all the puzzle pieces fit together nicely here, producing the reality we have on the ground today, that is, a highly oppressive elite rule. Now isn’t there an opportunity here for the people to convey unto themselves the framing that is missing in the liberal media? Yes: Elites are playing on the people’s emotions on both sides of Merka’s fake democracy. Universally, people want to live where things work best for the people. If a nation-state gets in the way, that nation-state has to yield to the people. We can consider the behavior of Merkan liberals, and their fake opponents, das konservatives, in this context, for greater resonance with the people’s internal truth. Ok, this is a start at an alternative journalistic formula, that works for the people. I’ll let my peers in the people’s movement add to it.


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