The People’s Movement To Implement Jobs Program For Six Million EU Youth

In Common Dreams today the article “German Official Warns of Immediate ‘Revolution’ if EU Adopts US Model” describes the plight of six million EU youth facing unemployment. Like all socio-economic problems everywhere, this problem is addressed, to the ultimate degree, by the people’s very own initiative. We the people have formulated our own global philosophy, doctrine, vision, agenda and movement, as we have rediscovered our own internal wellsprings of wisdom and we are delighted to help EU youth in global solidarity, today, as part of our standard course implementing the people’s agenda and realizing the people’s nirvana, free from elite interference.

The average person’s “mediocrity”, accumulated en masse, is far preferable to elite “greatness”, creating a new, practical definition of greatness: The people’s greatness, true civilizational greatness, transcending the oppressions of elite rule. The people’s movement will advance toward resolution of this specific problem of EU youth unemployment, today, in order to help place EU youth firmly ahead of Merka’s shadow of das kapitalist extremism. The people’s movement will achieve this by gathering signatures of support within the people’s movement, to accompany this document to be presented to EU youth and their representatives at EU policy meetings.

EU youth can first take comfort in the fact that “jobz” as defined by elites are not in the people’s better interests and are therefore not endorsed by the people’s movement. Elite jobz bind the people into submission to elite rule while securing opportunities for elites to further dominate the people, through the “multinational” corporate hierarchy.

The people’s movement will create six million jobs for EU youth by teaching EU youth that it is their own mandate to initiate the market and civic demands in their societies that will sculpt their economies into the shape that works best for them, the people’s socio-economic masterpiece. If EU youth decide that organic farming is the most desirable occupation, then EU youth will act accordingly and pay their peers producing organic food more than they will pay to “multinational” corporations for packaged, imported twinkies and the like.

Expanding the scope of EU youth’s conscious shift in their personal market demands, EU youth will sculpt their demand further to require less overall remuneration. The logic in this strategy is profound: Elites seek to perpetually grow economies completely blind to the fact that economies need not and should not grow.

As we achieve technological and social advances we grow our productivity and efficiencies to achieve a reduction in economic activity in proportion to those advancements. But, we the people must consciously and actively reach for, grab, and secure those benefits, in the form of reduced economic activities, reduced supply/demand, reduced production/consumption, and relief, and space, to enjoy life, to enjoy nature in all its magnificence, including the diversity of race and gender within our own communities, and our creativity, ideas, and non-commercial aspirations and initiatives.

Failing to take this initiative, we the people will find ourselves yet again under the spell of Nosferatu, the Merkan influence monster, perpetuating its war of attrition against us, to overwhelm us with lies that we must forever keep working longer and harder hours for ever more money, more more more, never enough.

The power to build an economy that works for people is in the hands of the people. EU youth will build or organize their local economies to work for them, through the natural mechanisms of market and civic demand. There is no mandate for elites, sociopaths, to serve the people. The only rational mandate is the people’s own mandate to serve themselves. There is no rational way to organize societies, to actually work for the people, than to employ the people to organize the societies themselves. The people’s movement will present this message to EU youth in a timely manner after gathering the signatures to accompany it. The media outlets where this article is submitted will be asked to implement signature gathering in a timely manner.


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