The People Step Past Liberalism

Liberalism in Merka has traditionally claimed to be the sole voice speaking for the people. The people in this definition are those who recognize that Conservatism in Merka is dedicated to elite rule. The people clarifying the actual function of Merkan liberalism over liberalism’s claimed function is perhaps the major milestone for the global people’s movement today.

An article today in Common Dreams depicts a Rep. Fincher from Tennessee seeking to erode the federal subsidy for people known as “food stamps” while seeking to grow the federal subsidy for industrial farmers such as himself.

The liberals created a media story around the Congressman’s citing of Christian scripture in his formal arguments to erode the federal subsidy for people. This is a familiar tradition in a society that finds reform impossible as it falls further and further into religious fanaticism and corporate fascism.

The people are obviously open to alternatives to a way that isn’t working for them. But perhaps not as open as one might expect. Is the religious fanaticism of Merkan elites misguiding the people? Is the corporate fascism of Merkan elites misguiding the people? When we realize that these phenomena are the primary levers of power/influence in Merka we would be foolish to look elsewhere for answers. And yet Merkan liberalism is just as bad as Merkan conservatism in connecting the dots for us all the while that Merkan liberalism seeks to influence our minds and hearts, goals and dreams, visions and agendas.

So we the people connect the dots for our very own selves, and in the process come to rely exclusively upon ourselves, and come to build our confidence exclusively in ourselves, and come to value exclusively our very own selves, a collective of self-reliance, with a natural solidarity among ourselves as we recognize each other as sharing mostly the same fates.

The liberals tell us to ridicule and dismiss the conservatives but the liberals do not tell us to build and pursue and achieve our own agenda, and become ourselves the stewards of our society. So this is the big difference between liberalism, a dead end trap, and the people’s movement, the people’s agenda, the people’s vision, the people’s path to the people’s nirvana. We see Merkan conservatism for what it is, and we also see Merkan liberalism for what it is. They are two peas in a pod. They are both dedicated to trapping the people’s energy into slavery to elite rule.

The people’s movement is the only movement that serves the people absolutely. The people see the pros and cons of federal subsidies and everything else. We will save the intricate details of these questions of federal subsidies for another time. But we are fully confident that our analysis of issues and the policies we develop as a result will be the only ones that serve the people exclusively, leaving the elite pathogens, parasites, and predators, out in the cold where they belong.


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