Boston Suspect’s Writing on the Wall

The Charter of the Forest manifests the people’s solutions addressing the people’s true needs, thus when the Merkan imperium is struck by its imperial blowback, the Charter of the Forest and the wider people’s movement are highlighted in our minds as the obvious correct path, as they are censored in imperial media.

The Boston bombing suspect wrote his motives on the wall of the boat cabin where he was hiding. And the CBS co-anchor Norah O’Donnell responded: “But they still believe he was self-radicalized and not part of a larger group, right?”

The people recognize instantly the 1984 Orwellian Newspeak coming from that imperial servant. “Radicalized” in her words means “Normalized” in the people’s philosophy. The Boston bombing suspect’s grievances are the grievances of all the people of the world, against the imperium, against elite campaigns to dominate their fellow human beings.

She also voiced a concern over whether the suspect acted alone or at the behest of a group, as the imperial subjects are programmed to salivate like Pavlov’s dog at the idea of an organized group, as the imperial subjects were enslaved to begin with by the imperial propaganda that the people are powerless as individuals.

In fact, the people consistently find that we are fully united, so long as we as individuals act according to our own internal wellsprings of wisdom, to fulfill our own true personal needs, because we really are all the same, in all the ways that really matter.

We can pause for a moment to reflect on this seeming contradiction. How can we act as if we were organized when we’re not? Actually, it only contradicts elite propaganda. The great majority of species on earth act in the interest of the species, as if organized, but without formal organization. The people’s philosophy looks fist and foremost at nature for guidance, of course. According to the people’s philosophy the power of the individual really is the power of the collective, and only this melded power of the individual and the collective can protect the people from the oppressions of elite rule.

Thus we witness yet another example of imperial propaganda distracting the people from our own internal wisdom, undermining the people’s self-confidence, creativity, vision, and determination to achieve self-rule, and live in the people’s nirvana. But we will not be distracted any longer, eh?

The Boston bombing suspect was lied to by Muslim elites just as Merkans are lied to by Judeo-Christian elites. But we will not be distracted any longer, eh? We the people really do have the answers don’t we? In our internal wellsprings of wisdom. It really feels good, doesn’t it?


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