Win Brunch With Barack

I followed a link from to an English version of a Noam Chomsky article on Alternet entited “Obama’s Attack on Civil Liberties Has Gone Way Beyond Imagination”, with a subtitle: Under Obama’s administration, if you meet with someone in a terrorist group and advise them to turn to nonviolent means, then that’s material assistance to terrorism.

A popup ad shows up with a pic of O’Bamba, entitled “Win Brunch With Barack”. I kid you not. What does this mean? If you have reached enlightenment you will know that there is only a certain way for the people to reach their true nirvana. That is for the people to seek from within themselves their internal wisdom, their internal truth, from which the people conclude that we all share the most crucial needs, beyond the basics, achievement of which forms the people’s agenda, and those needs are universal solidarity, enlightenment, equity and justice.

The Merkan liberal agenda is of course to keep us enslaved to elite rule. Chomsky knows this. The editors at know this. But the editors at do not. I consider this yet another glaring illustration of the crucial issue in Merka, the fake out of the left. The wolves in sheeps clothes. The liberal establishment is where down is up and up is down. Right is wrong and wrong is right, and both are both and yes means no but also yes, and no means yes but also no.

Chomsky’s article is worth reading of course, but read it on Znet.


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