The People To Stand Up For The Most Relevant Fact Obscured By Liberal Media

Submission : The People To Stand Up For The Most Relevant Fact Obscured By Liberal Media

A well-known fact is at risk of becoming less well-known, thanks to the liberal media: The fact that the people do not need endless economic growth, do not need endless cheap supplies of fossil fuels, and do not need elites to supply energy, or anything else.

It is a well-known fact as the events of the past decade have spurred an unprecedented wave of dissent among the people to elite rule. But the liberal media is making such a well-known fact less well-known by burying it, more and more, in a haystack of liberal propaganda.

A case in point is the article posted by Common Dreams titled “We Don’t ‘Trust’ You: British Columbia Rejects Tars Sands Pipeline”. In this article Common Dreams never bothers to state the obvious need of the people to have the media echo the facts most relevant to the people. And of course never delivers the actual fact as required by the people.

The basic design and intent of liberal propaganda is to trick the people into continued submission to elite rule by appealing superficially to their ethical convictions and altruistic sympathies. This is in contrast their “opponent” partners-in-crime, the conservatives, who appeal to the darker side of human nature in their authoritarian followers.

The fact described above is perhaps the most profound of facts that the people need to be reminded of constantly, to maintain the people’s self-confidence, in the face of relentless propaganda from both liberals and conservatives designed to erode the people’s self-confidence and force their submission to elite rule.

This is a call for all the people to rise up against the oppression of liberal media, like Common Dreams, which stands in defiance of the people’s will, to serve the master elites, in such a cowardly way.

First published at: Charter of the Forest

Bio: Robert Drury resides on the terra-firma of the political far-left and believes liberalism is the great enabler of the extreme right. Robert defines the far-left as the politics of, by and for the people, in absolute opposition to elitism and class hierarchy. Fact is that socio-economic class hierarchies are simply NOT needed in societies of homo sapien. Those highly motivated to build political momentum for the global people’s movement, and anyone who wants to debate, and learn, are encouraged to email:


Aren’t ALL Large Profit Corporations Rogues?

“Once you know the maths, you know that Exxon, Rio Tinto and Shell and so on aren’t like normal companies – they’re really rogues.”

That is a quote of Bill McKibben, the climate change movement leader. He is now advocating divestment of fossil fuel stocks from investment portfolios. I think Bill McKibben stands to gain a lot personally from the success of his movement, but that personal gain won’t be shared equally by all, but rather will benefit only Bill McKibben. Sure, the success of that movement will benefit the people to a degree that seems reasonable, but I will explain below why it only seems reasonable but is actually not.

Reigning in fossil fuel companies is only a small part of the holistic healing of societies and the biosphere that is sorely needed. But the piecemeal approach has clearly failed after decades of non-progress. The holistic solution holds far greater potential than the piecemeal solutions of narrow, independent, disjoint social and environmental movements. This is a situation in which the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. The advantage of the holistic approach is that everyone gets to see the big picture within each specific example. When the same solution applies all across the board it appears far easier, far more feasible, manageable, thus boosting the confidence of the people in their ability to maintain the solution state. Only the people themselves can check the schemes of sociopath elites long term.

So the fossil fuel corporations do not stand out as exceptions but are merely some of the worst of a type of organization and a philosophy that has clearly proven itself incapable of serving the people’s and the biosphere’s needs. The Charter of the Forest is a holistic alternative, uniting the people in solidarity not only with each other but as productive citizens and responsible stewards of the biosphere.

McKibben is leaving large profit corporations intact as dominators of the people, except that he wants to reign them in a bit, alter some of their behavior. And someone else wants to alter another little slice of their behavior, and so on. Clearly, the piece that is lacking is the holistic vision that the people can grasp very easily, very simply so that their votes at the ballot box and in the market arena, and in the whole of their lives, can undeniably cover all the bases, and block all the ways, schemes, horizons on which our oppressors may re-appear in the future to re-haunt us, to re-opress us. Divided we fall. We cannot let McKibben divide us to achieve his personal agenda. Let Bill McKibben adopt the people’s philosophy of holistic approaches. All profit corporations should be boycotted proportionate to their power/influence. The people know this instinctively. The people know that the ideas and tools, means and mechanisms in the manifestations of their communities and infrastructures must be their own. The people know that they must have their self-determination, always. And the people are working to achieve this goal.

Why The Competitive Hunch Down, Dear Liberals?

An article published today by Common Dreams titled “‘Undocumented… and Unafraid!’: Dozen Arrested in Chicago Protesting Obama’s Aggressive Deportation Policies” depicts the plight of undocumented immigrants in Merka. But the article features the classic liberal journalistic formula whereby the author assumes the reader is already intimately familiar with the issue. This is extremely annoying, because the reader wants to know the reason and sentiments behind each side of any conflict, so that the reader can choose which side he/she most relates to.

Merkan liberals almost never convey the reasoning or viewpoint of their “opposition”. The reader subsequently realizes that one must put more time/effort into learning both sides of issue before one can actively participate in the civic discourse. Way too often, the reader ends up feeling incompetent, or overwhelmed, and ultimately defers to the “experts” and “professionals” to handle civic affairs. Is this exactly the outcome the liberals wish to achieve? Well, how much longer are we going to pretend it is an unintended side effect? This “side effect” of the people’s overwhelm remains a consistent feature of the journalistic status quo that liberals seem unable to change. So it very likely must be a goal for the liberals.

And if you propose that liberals are merely using the plight of the people as a pretext for achieving power, then their talking about the plight of the people only in ways that stump the people and stifle the people’s active participation in civic affairs, seems a great strategy to achieve such a goal.

If you are skeptical of this possibility, consider that all the puzzle pieces fit together nicely here, producing the reality we have on the ground today, that is, a highly oppressive elite rule. Now isn’t there an opportunity here for the people to convey unto themselves the framing that is missing in the liberal media? Yes: Elites are playing on the people’s emotions on both sides of Merka’s fake democracy. Universally, people want to live where things work best for the people. If a nation-state gets in the way, that nation-state has to yield to the people. We can consider the behavior of Merkan liberals, and their fake opponents, das konservatives, in this context, for greater resonance with the people’s internal truth. Ok, this is a start at an alternative journalistic formula, that works for the people. I’ll let my peers in the people’s movement add to it.

The People’s Movement To Implement Jobs Program For Six Million EU Youth

In Common Dreams today the article “German Official Warns of Immediate ‘Revolution’ if EU Adopts US Model” describes the plight of six million EU youth facing unemployment. Like all socio-economic problems everywhere, this problem is addressed, to the ultimate degree, by the people’s very own initiative. We the people have formulated our own global philosophy, doctrine, vision, agenda and movement, as we have rediscovered our own internal wellsprings of wisdom and we are delighted to help EU youth in global solidarity, today, as part of our standard course implementing the people’s agenda and realizing the people’s nirvana, free from elite interference.

The average person’s “mediocrity”, accumulated en masse, is far preferable to elite “greatness”, creating a new, practical definition of greatness: The people’s greatness, true civilizational greatness, transcending the oppressions of elite rule. The people’s movement will advance toward resolution of this specific problem of EU youth unemployment, today, in order to help place EU youth firmly ahead of Merka’s shadow of das kapitalist extremism. The people’s movement will achieve this by gathering signatures of support within the people’s movement, to accompany this document to be presented to EU youth and their representatives at EU policy meetings.

EU youth can first take comfort in the fact that “jobz” as defined by elites are not in the people’s better interests and are therefore not endorsed by the people’s movement. Elite jobz bind the people into submission to elite rule while securing opportunities for elites to further dominate the people, through the “multinational” corporate hierarchy.

The people’s movement will create six million jobs for EU youth by teaching EU youth that it is their own mandate to initiate the market and civic demands in their societies that will sculpt their economies into the shape that works best for them, the people’s socio-economic masterpiece. If EU youth decide that organic farming is the most desirable occupation, then EU youth will act accordingly and pay their peers producing organic food more than they will pay to “multinational” corporations for packaged, imported twinkies and the like.

Expanding the scope of EU youth’s conscious shift in their personal market demands, EU youth will sculpt their demand further to require less overall remuneration. The logic in this strategy is profound: Elites seek to perpetually grow economies completely blind to the fact that economies need not and should not grow.

As we achieve technological and social advances we grow our productivity and efficiencies to achieve a reduction in economic activity in proportion to those advancements. But, we the people must consciously and actively reach for, grab, and secure those benefits, in the form of reduced economic activities, reduced supply/demand, reduced production/consumption, and relief, and space, to enjoy life, to enjoy nature in all its magnificence, including the diversity of race and gender within our own communities, and our creativity, ideas, and non-commercial aspirations and initiatives.

Failing to take this initiative, we the people will find ourselves yet again under the spell of Nosferatu, the Merkan influence monster, perpetuating its war of attrition against us, to overwhelm us with lies that we must forever keep working longer and harder hours for ever more money, more more more, never enough.

The power to build an economy that works for people is in the hands of the people. EU youth will build or organize their local economies to work for them, through the natural mechanisms of market and civic demand. There is no mandate for elites, sociopaths, to serve the people. The only rational mandate is the people’s own mandate to serve themselves. There is no rational way to organize societies, to actually work for the people, than to employ the people to organize the societies themselves. The people’s movement will present this message to EU youth in a timely manner after gathering the signatures to accompany it. The media outlets where this article is submitted will be asked to implement signature gathering in a timely manner.

The Specific Reminder

The people have the power to end war and all the rest of elite skulduggery, and the people need a specific reminder of this all-important fact. If the media is going to distract the people, the media should distract us with the fact that we have the power. We have the power within ourselves, each and every one of us. Does the media provide this specific reminder? No, the media does not provide us with a lot of things. But a lot of things don’t matter like this specific reminder matters, that we have the power to end war and all elite skulduggery. I think you can see from this monologue that the media can distract us in so very many irrelevant directions, when we do very much want to focus our attention on something we can do, or some better way to do things, that will lead to the outcome we want, such as an end to war and all elite skulduggery, an end to elite rule.

Norman Solomon wrote an article recently titled “Our Twisted Politics of Grief”. Solomon is a popular pundit among the liberal left. The first sentence of his article goes “Darwin observed that conscience is what most distinguishes humans from other animals.” But the people need the specific reminder that they hold the power to ending war and all elite skulduggery. Solomon’s article runs through with nary a reminder of this all-important fact. The great majority of his articles, and those of his peers, fail to point out the great potential, and power, of the people, to take matters into our own hands, to take power away from the elites, and to install our own rule, popular rule, rule by the people. What is wrong with Norman Solomon? Could it be that he and his peers are a little lazy about tending to the tasks that the people need to tend to, weeding of our gardens, etc?

It seems like the people can take matters into our own hands, with a clear vision of what, how, and why. What the people want is popular rule. How the people achieve this is by tending to our own needs directly. And why is known to all, because it turns the most of our energy into benefits to ourselves, instead of to elites, parasites.

Reminding ourselves, one more time, that the people have the power to end elite rule.

The People Step Past Liberalism

Liberalism in Merka has traditionally claimed to be the sole voice speaking for the people. The people in this definition are those who recognize that Conservatism in Merka is dedicated to elite rule. The people clarifying the actual function of Merkan liberalism over liberalism’s claimed function is perhaps the major milestone for the global people’s movement today.

An article today in Common Dreams depicts a Rep. Fincher from Tennessee seeking to erode the federal subsidy for people known as “food stamps” while seeking to grow the federal subsidy for industrial farmers such as himself.

The liberals created a media story around the Congressman’s citing of Christian scripture in his formal arguments to erode the federal subsidy for people. This is a familiar tradition in a society that finds reform impossible as it falls further and further into religious fanaticism and corporate fascism.

The people are obviously open to alternatives to a way that isn’t working for them. But perhaps not as open as one might expect. Is the religious fanaticism of Merkan elites misguiding the people? Is the corporate fascism of Merkan elites misguiding the people? When we realize that these phenomena are the primary levers of power/influence in Merka we would be foolish to look elsewhere for answers. And yet Merkan liberalism is just as bad as Merkan conservatism in connecting the dots for us all the while that Merkan liberalism seeks to influence our minds and hearts, goals and dreams, visions and agendas.

So we the people connect the dots for our very own selves, and in the process come to rely exclusively upon ourselves, and come to build our confidence exclusively in ourselves, and come to value exclusively our very own selves, a collective of self-reliance, with a natural solidarity among ourselves as we recognize each other as sharing mostly the same fates.

The liberals tell us to ridicule and dismiss the conservatives but the liberals do not tell us to build and pursue and achieve our own agenda, and become ourselves the stewards of our society. So this is the big difference between liberalism, a dead end trap, and the people’s movement, the people’s agenda, the people’s vision, the people’s path to the people’s nirvana. We see Merkan conservatism for what it is, and we also see Merkan liberalism for what it is. They are two peas in a pod. They are both dedicated to trapping the people’s energy into slavery to elite rule.

The people’s movement is the only movement that serves the people absolutely. The people see the pros and cons of federal subsidies and everything else. We will save the intricate details of these questions of federal subsidies for another time. But we are fully confident that our analysis of issues and the policies we develop as a result will be the only ones that serve the people exclusively, leaving the elite pathogens, parasites, and predators, out in the cold where they belong.

Boston Suspect’s Writing on the Wall

The Charter of the Forest manifests the people’s solutions addressing the people’s true needs, thus when the Merkan imperium is struck by its imperial blowback, the Charter of the Forest and the wider people’s movement are highlighted in our minds as the obvious correct path, as they are censored in imperial media.

The Boston bombing suspect wrote his motives on the wall of the boat cabin where he was hiding. And the CBS co-anchor Norah O’Donnell responded: “But they still believe he was self-radicalized and not part of a larger group, right?”

The people recognize instantly the 1984 Orwellian Newspeak coming from that imperial servant. “Radicalized” in her words means “Normalized” in the people’s philosophy. The Boston bombing suspect’s grievances are the grievances of all the people of the world, against the imperium, against elite campaigns to dominate their fellow human beings.

She also voiced a concern over whether the suspect acted alone or at the behest of a group, as the imperial subjects are programmed to salivate like Pavlov’s dog at the idea of an organized group, as the imperial subjects were enslaved to begin with by the imperial propaganda that the people are powerless as individuals.

In fact, the people consistently find that we are fully united, so long as we as individuals act according to our own internal wellsprings of wisdom, to fulfill our own true personal needs, because we really are all the same, in all the ways that really matter.

We can pause for a moment to reflect on this seeming contradiction. How can we act as if we were organized when we’re not? Actually, it only contradicts elite propaganda. The great majority of species on earth act in the interest of the species, as if organized, but without formal organization. The people’s philosophy looks fist and foremost at nature for guidance, of course. According to the people’s philosophy the power of the individual really is the power of the collective, and only this melded power of the individual and the collective can protect the people from the oppressions of elite rule.

Thus we witness yet another example of imperial propaganda distracting the people from our own internal wisdom, undermining the people’s self-confidence, creativity, vision, and determination to achieve self-rule, and live in the people’s nirvana. But we will not be distracted any longer, eh?

The Boston bombing suspect was lied to by Muslim elites just as Merkans are lied to by Judeo-Christian elites. But we will not be distracted any longer, eh? We the people really do have the answers don’t we? In our internal wellsprings of wisdom. It really feels good, doesn’t it?