The Juvenile Founding of the United States of America

It is imperative that the people gain a proper perspective for their assuming the role of stewards of the society. The people comprise a great pool of talent and potential and the outcome of a society nearly completely fulfilled as such is spellbinding. This is the end for focused achievement, by and for the people. The proper perspective then must discredit the current status quo in which the people find themselves shackled. The proper perspective is easy to produce actually, because as recognized in the people’s philosophy, the truth is really within us all. We’ll merely use external events for illustration.

In Frederick Engels’ work, The Development of Utopian Socialism, is the assertion: modern Socialism originally appears ostensibly as a more logical extension of the principles laid down by the great French philosophers of the 18th century. When we survey those philosophers in Wikipedia (capitalism couldn’t provide such a valuable resource, oh well, try, try again) we find that Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s portrait was the only philosophers’ to grace the home of Immanuel Kant. Rousseau proclaimed that art and science are corruptors of human mortality.

I wouldn’t say that art and science are the source of all our problems. In fact, my personal focus is on the human ego as the basic corruptor of society. But I also sense that any step of progress requires scrutiny. And I also sense when an idea will be absolutely rejected by Merkans. Because I know Merkans a lot better than Merkans know themselves. I discovered this in scrutinizing my own motivations, and the influences that imposed themselves upon me.

According to Wikipedia, Rousseau also caused controversy with his theory that man is good by nature but corrupted by society. This of course resonates most strongly with the people’s philosophy. A philosophy that should require no definition, but should be obvious to all. Just in case however, let’s just describe it as the philosophy that leaves nobody high and dry. You dig this? Heh heh heh. Rousseau is effectively buttressing the people’s assertion that “we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control”. We don’t need no elites, no influence peddlers, no “dear leaders”.

Ok, there’s more of Rousseau but I’ve made my point. On to the Juvenile Founding of the United States of Merka. Above the Rousseau paragraph in the Wikipedia article French Philosophy, 18th Century is one about Montesquieu, whos “theories deeply influenced the American Founders”. This is about separation of powers in government, yada yada yada. Notice that the Merkan founders weren’t even thinking about the people. They were thinking about how to lord over the people. Sure one can rationalize that oh the founders cared, but maybe their care was permanently out to lunch, so… I get the feeling they had a juvenile perspective. Like Bill Gates. When I think of his worldview, I think of the teenager who’s thinking hard while missing a few marbles.

Yes, there is more to it than a juvenile worldview. The ego certainly has a role. The ego will take the torch and run with it when it was never decided in the first place which is the correct way to run. This is Merka. I call it a state with a juvenile founding. In contrast, the global people’s movement readily recognizes and adopts all philosophies that resonates with their own, from their own internal wellsprings of wisdom. Rousseau, not Montesquieu.


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