Free Lunch

Nature provides us cheap entertainment. This is a great reason to take a conscious detour away from sugar-daddy’s “supply side” rackets where entertainment is no only uncheap but more and more uncheap as time goes on. I’ve been looking out the window this spring enjoying the Palo Verde trees in bloom. These are native flora in the Sonoran desert. Small trees with green bark, and the most beautiful yellow blossoms covering them all over. I remember in the past when seeing something like this wishing I could get more enjoyment out of them. But the wish wouldn’t last because I was plenty distracted with sugar-daddy’s “supply side” rackets. Now is different. I gain much more satisfaction from the sight of the trees than I ever could imagine from the “supply side”. This is because I learned how people depend on nature, with or without their awareness, and how the more awareness we have of our dependence on nature, the more satisfaction we gain from it. After we make such a progression in our personal awareness of which interactions and associations are better for us, we benefit from that progression the rest of our lives. When we know that the wild floral blooms that we enjoy out our windows come with virtually no negative fallout, unlike sugar-daddy’s rackets, we come to enjoy the wildness even more. This notion of nature providing us cheap entertainment of course resonates strongly with the general philosophy of the people, whereby the people make their own choices based on their own internal wisdom, and build and steward their societies according to their own internal needs, truth, and wisdom. If you are physically connected to nature, as you are, then it is only common sense that your experience will be most coherent when you are psychologically connected to nature as well.


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