Latent Potential of the People in Leveraging The Power of the Internet

A whole article, maybe a whole book, could be written on the far greater level that corporate/capitalist elites have leveraged the power of the internet relative to the level that the people have leveraged the power of the internet. But the people’s potential in leveraging the power of the internet to raise their standing remains. I’m going to articulate the main way the people can leverage the power of the internet to gain standing against their elite oppressors.

Today, the people are assuming the role of stewarding the society, and the whole biosphere, themselves because elites cannot. In doing so, the people are bringing the debate back to life, long lost under the blankets of oppression covering the society over the decades. The people’s ability to debate directly corresponds with the people’s ability to steward the society. The elites convey this message in a negative way, by decreeing that the people cannot think, let alone speak, let alone debate. The people themselves convey the message in the most positive way, by taking positive steps toward building their debating skills, and employing them to secure strong support among themselves for the people’s agenda, to steward the society in the people’s better interests.

A whole article, maybe a whole book, could be written on what exactly are the people’s better interests. But right now, let’s focus on how the people can leverage the internet in debate, to fully secure the prevalence of the people’s philosophy and agenda over those of the sociopaths and their minions. The internet is information at our fingertips, and we’ve heard people say that information is power. But we haven’t heard much specific about how/why until now. Specifically, the power of information underlies the power of persuasion. In any argument or explanation, a person sounds most convincing when that person recites facts. What is going on under the allowed threshold of awareness is a psychological jousting contest, where the listener submits, or forfeits the contest, when convinced that the speaker is loaded with more facts than the listener has. So facts are ammo in the contest we are dragged into, a contest of dominance/submission.

But the internet is almost everyone’s now and will become available everywhere for all the people to explain why/how the people’s stewarding of the society is the only way. The people will come to rely on the internet instead of having to fill their brains with the factoids needed to persuade an audience in the current dominance/submission rackets. The people will know that their agenda, to steward the society themselves, to advance the people’s agenda of universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice, will always be undeniably the obvious choice, when the internet pod is present on the debate table, bringing Wikipedia and other resources to the debate. We all know that elites convince the people to act against their better interests not with the full facts but with select slices of the truth highlighting the pros and covering up the cons of the elite agenda.

Win the debate with the internet at your fingertips. This gives us, the people, a huge advantage over elites.


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