The People Address Bomb Violence in Boston With Steps Toward Self-Empowerment

In reaction to bomb violence at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the people take further decisive steps toward the people’s ultimate finish line, the gates of the people’s nirvana. This is a symbolic finish line the people created out of mass awareness of our own true needs. The people’s nirvana symbolizes the people’s fulfillment of our true needs both personally and collectively. Collective fulfillment is achieved through mass conscious/active participation in restructuring and maintaining societal institutions. This means all the people have a hand in the structuring of institutions, toward fulfilling our true needs. What are the people’s true needs beyond the basics of food, shelter and safety? We need universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity and justice. And our agenda, the people’s agenda, is our achievement of these, our true needs. The closer we reach to this goal, to the gates of our nirvana, the fewer problems, and the fewer excuses and delusions needed to maintain hope.


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