The Climate Movement Cannot Stand Apart From The People’s Movement

In retort to Paul Gilding’s recent article posted at Common Dreams, entitled “Victory at Hand for the Climate Movement?”, I must say that the Climate Movement cannot sand apart from the People’s Movement. Grotesque inefficiencies are created by divisions among the people, among movements, and will push stratospheric plunder of renewable energy as it does with fossil energy. If we truly want stability and sustainability, we have to seek the clarity and efficiencies sustained only via biospheric solidarity, solidarity among all the people in all of their initiatives, enterprises, and movements, and I will explain why, and how, in the following paragraphs.

Mr. Gilding summarized: “The science is clear, the technology is ready, significant sections of the elite are on side and the financial momentum is with us.” That’s a summary alright. But it’s terribly misguided. If a misguided message influences the people, it undermines the people’s agenda. In contrast to that summary, a summary that resonates with the people’s agenda goes like this: The science echoes common sense, as required by laws of nature. The technology has been ready for well over a century in proportion to real demands. And the support of elites is as undesirable and unnecessary today as ever, and the same for finance.

Mr. Gilding’s summary communicates a false dependence of the people upon elites and elite enterprises. And my summary communicates the truth that the people need to rely only upon their very own personal selves, and the local enterprises in which they are personally involved. But how relevant is this idea of mass self-reliance, having virtually no precedent in mainstream discourse? The remainder of this article shall address this question, by taking the reader on an awakening trip from the gates of the wage-slave factory to the gates of the people’s nirvana.

Witness the wage-slavery factory, but at the same time, witness that we do not need mass production. Americans consume four times the world average, per capita, in resources. And that mind-boggling consumption keeps growing, and the factories keep expanding, and the lunacy keeps oozing. But instead of mass production, we need locally-demanded, locally-supplied production. This approach connects intimately into a holistic approach to life, a holistic lifestyle, where everything is known and makes sense to all. We make a tool because we need a tool. The demand drives the supply, not vice-versa. The people drive production, inspired by needs perceived personally. And so the civilization rises upon an organic foundation of mass wisdom, knowing, awareness.

When everything is in the hands of the people, where it should be, we do not need elites, or deities, or any of their monumental myths. At the gates of the slave factory stew those myths, such as resource scarcity and economic growth. At the gates of nirvana, there is obviously no scarcity and obviously no need for growth. It is obvious that the abundance of nature nourishes abundant wildlife, sustainably. That abundance is available to all. Surely human intellect can enhance that abundance, when people are immersed, in communities connected to nature. Modeling nature, we see that local initiatives and activities keep people connected to the source of life.

Where did we go wrong, then? There are a few examples of hierarchy in nature, but by and large, hierarchy is a human concoction. And some human concoctions we don’t want. Hierarchy is one of them. We went wrong on the tiers of hierarchy. This explains why Mr. Gilding’s summary of the energy situation today is terribly mistaken. Elites will enslave the people in the cages of hierarchy, if the people let them. No matte which sources of energy, no matter what you choose on any aisle in the plunder-market.

And this is why the climate movement isn’t going to solve the climate problem, much less the meta-problem. The way then to reach the solution to the meta-problem, and reach nirvana for the people, is for the people to assume ownership and control of production, and stewardship of the community, of the society, and of the whole biosphere. And the people are reaching for it. Despite the liberal dogma of division. Elites and their endless hierarchies, and their endless wars, and their endless plunder, are simply unneeded. And the people are beginning to see this, beyond the liberal fog machines.

These are the hows and whys that Mr. Gilding’s summary does not work for the people. So how do the people learn to recognize what does work for them? It’s a very simple thing to set a vision, and learn what works and doesn’t work toward realizing it. The vision is the people’s agenda of universal solidarity, enlightenment, equity, justice, through connection with our internal well-springs of wisdom, placing our faith and trust in our own selves, and assuming stewardship of the society and the whole biosphere, ourselves. This isn’t pie in the sky. This is the People’s Movement, and it’s happening NOW.


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