How Liberal Economists Deceive The People

Let’s look carefully at some very masterful liberal propaganda. Robert Reich, the liberal economist from Berkeley, has perfected a certain technique and he uses it over and over in his articles, religiously posted on sites such as Common Dreams.

First he devotes a couple of detailed paragraphs revealing that the elites are stealing from the people, which is true. Reich thereby gains the reader’s trust with such relevant truths. This is the “setup” in the classic liberal propaganda racket.

Then, inevitably, Reich says something like: “What looks like the start of a more buoyant recovery is a sham because the vast majority of Americans have neither the pay nor access to credit that allows them to buy enough to boost the economy.” Reich thereby jams his economic growth elixir down the people’s throats with the chaser of trust that he concocted in previous paragraphs.

But most people don’t want economic growth. And the only people who believe we need economic growth are those who defy their own common sense and genuflect at the alter of laissez-faire capitalism.

So how can the idea of economic growth be so problematic to negate Reich’s noble siding with the people in his previous paragraphs? Can’t we just let it slide that Reich is perennially obsessed with economic growth? At least he isn’t obsessed with military conquest. And with such a logic stream we rationalize the liberal racket. And we do so regularly, year after year, decade after decade, until we finally arrive at the monumental mess we are in today.

So let me refute that erroneous logic stream. Again, most people don’t want economic growth. They want economic stability and fairness. And it doesn’t take long to show that people simply don’t need economic growth, but rather, we need stability and fairness, biospheric sustainability and economic justice, to maximize well-being.

But why is economic growth so wrong? A number of people have written articles lately presenting strong arguments for halting economic growth but let me just present two items for you to ponder: First, Americans consume four times the world average per capita in resources. Economic growth will only increase that further. Second, it’s abundantly evident that what Americans need is not more commerce, commercialism, or material wealth, but more cooperation and solidarity with all people, and the whole biosphere.

So I think my calling Reich’s articles a propaganda racket is highly relevant to the people, in pursuing their agenda, the People’s Agenda.

Now why would Reich even want to deceive the people? Well, the American status quo is a sure-fire way to achieve personal “success”. And aren’t Americans taught, nay, battery-rammed with, the idea that personal “success” enhances life for everyone else? Yes, so it’s easy, in this society, to rationalize such a racket as Reich’s. People who work at ivy-league institutions have more than a few elite friends, it’s safe to say. Reich is not shunned by elites, except for maybe a few rightwing extremists. Instead, the bulk of elites know how his racket works, and support him in jamming ideas that work for them, down the throats of the wage-slaves. The elites know that Reich must criticize elites to gain the people’s trust, after which he may tell them any lie, every lie, but most definitely the lie that maximizes elite privilege.

It’s a liberal racket. Distinct from conservative rackets. But still a racket.

Instead of that, the people want to cooperate, share, and work together to achieve their own vision, their own hands-on stewardship of the economy, of the whole society, of the whole biosphere. The people don’t want economic growth. The people want stability. The People’s Agenda is universal equity, solidarity, enlightenment and justice. And the people are reaching for it, and achieving it, despite elite interference. Exciting times for the people.


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