Society Divides People Without Remorse?

Just think about one philosophical question for a minute.

If one consents to society while another dissents to society, and nothing in society exists to bridge that difference, what kind of society is it, really?

It’s the kind of society that divides people.  How does such a society manifest exactly?  If you did not personally find it appalling for a society to divide people as such then you are yourself conditioned to accept such a society, or conditioned to remain unaware of such an impact of a society.

Such an awareness is one of the means toward universal enlightenment, solidarity, equity, and justice, the agenda of the People’s Movement.  The Charter of the Forest is also an element of this agenda.  If the idea of society dividing people without remorse seems alien or irrelevant to you, you may want to think more about the value of solidarity among people, and how building a society that truly supports human solidarity could become a top priority for the people.


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